I was told at a young age not to sing because I sounded like crap.

I was dumb enough to listen. Now at 52 years old I am singing. About 6 months with KTVA Download courses. I still have a bad voice but it is getting better. :) I live on Long Island in New York. Bought a Guitar and a 62 Key Keyboard to practice my scales. An extra benefit to all of this is I and getting my fingers around a keyboard, learning notes, scales, chords and how to read music. There is a lot involved in learning how to sing. I notice improvements and so does my family. My 9 year old son has been joining a bit on scales and some songs he likes. Be great if he started singing lessons that young but he says he don't want to seriously learn. Wife competes with my on Karaoke songs and we have a lot of great healthy fun. Singing has improved my life, makes me happy when I achieve a new goal, and a desire to work harder to solve other goals. So far I'm a happy student of Ken Tamplin's Vocal Academy.


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