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Goal Setting

shadvegasshadvegas Pro Posts: 8
Ok, I feel like establishing a goal would be a great idea but I need some input.  First of all, I would love to sing like this guy (matthew schuler, the 1st one)

I almost wonder if he studied with KTVA, he seems to have a bright open tone to his voice and you can see the openness in his singing.  Also, I love his dynamics and how he builds throughout the song.

Anyways, I am on volume 1 and would really like to sing this particular song (or something with that range) by a year.  Is that possible?

Currently I am going once through the volume 1 cd lightly, then a second time stretching chest.  I am not pushing myself too hard for the chest stretching, just enough to push chest up while keeping things open.  Also I am keeping a sharp eye on my support mechanism and breathing so I can create good habits.  

Could I get to that level by a year?  I know everyone is different but just in general terms?
If not what goal should I set for the 6 month/1 year mark?

Can I practice more?  Perhaps twice through the cd in the morning and twice through at night? Or would that be counter productive? 

Lots of questions, thanks for the help.  I'm posting here a lot but I want to keep things correct and keep my goals reasonable so I'm not frustrated or discouraged at the year mark.

And thanks Ken and all the moderators, this forum has helped keep me on track and the program is really helping me grow my voice I can feel it!


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,321


    You have lots of good questions. 

    We all have different places that we start KTVA from, and each of us have different characteristics to our voices.

    If you are coming in the door with some vocal development already under your belt, then maybe you could sing this song after a year of hard work.  Most people would need much longer than that, especially to sing it with the dynamics and power that Matthew Schuler brings to this song.  Most will never have the drive to do the work that it takes to get yourself to that level of expertise. 

    You should expect to spend AT LEAST six weeks each on Volume One and Volume Two.  That is bare minimum.  Three months each is more like it.  Many take even longer.  You are trying to build a lot of tone, range, and stamina into your body.  Volume Three is even more of a challenge, and should be approached as one would approach an ascent of Mount Everest.  After that comes Building Head Voice. 

    All of this takes time.  You are beginning something that will continue for as long as you continue to sing.  The growth will continue, as well.  Think of this as the long run.

    Yes, I know you are goal-setting, and that is something that makes perfect sense in a practical world.

    So let your goal be to put in the time that it will take to get yourself to the condition that Matthew Schuler is in.

    Whether or not Matthew studied KTVA, he didn't get to where he is now in just one year, I would venture to say. 

    One thing that we all need to come to grips with is that The amount of success we will have with our KTVA program is Directly Proportional to the Time, Effort, and Focus we put into our vocal growth.

    Did I mention TIME?  Lots and Lots of Focused QUALITY TIME is REQUIRED to get the kind of results you are asking for. 

    Dedicate yourself to this goal and spend the time and effort required, and you will get amazing results.  Record yourself often and listen to the playback with a realistic and critical ear.  Take what you hear and use it to continually update and modify where you spend your focus.  Practice as much as you can.  Doubling your practice time will definitely increase the yield of progress over a given period of time.  Doing it all in one long session (with breaks) rather than in the morning and then in the evening would be more efficient.

    It sounds like the practicing you are doing is sensible and correct so far.

    I say aiming high is a good way to go, but don't aim so high that you miss the Bull's Eye!!

    Cheering You On!!!



  • shadvegasshadvegas Pro Posts: 8
    Thanks Bob, that is some great advice.  And yes I haven't had much vocal training before this, but I have classically trained on the French Horn so the diaphragmatic support is semi-habitual.  

    I'll take your advice on the recording of myself and start doing that as well.  It is something I've never done before in spite of the fact that the tools have been there for me for years.

    I used to put in 3+ hours on the french horn daily so I completely understand what large amounts of quality practice feel like. 

    Appreciate it man, I'm going for it!  I may not get there in a year but I'm getting there for sure!
  • shadvegasshadvegas Pro Posts: 8

    I forgot to ask.  If I do the 4 times with breaks in between like we talked.  How should I go about that?
    one time light, 3 times stretching chest?
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,321


    Alternate.  Light, Heavy, Light, Heavy...

    Eventually, after you have completed all three KTVA Volumes, you will graduate to Building Head Voice.

    You will then alternate One day Light/Heavy, next day Building Head Voice.  After a few months of that, you will do Light/Heavy/Building Head Voice all in the same day. 

    Yes, your support for the French Horn must come in very handy for your vocal work!


  • shadvegasshadvegas Pro Posts: 8
    Thanks Bob, you rock!
  • jrejre Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 98
    Hello, I have been seeing a recurring theme in the forums referring to doing the exercises in Vol 1 light/heavy. I have watched the DVDs many times and now have done the excersises for about two weeks twice a day but I have not heard Ken instruct to do it this way. He just says to do them light. Am I missing something in the content? Doing it this way (light and chest) makes perfect sense...As always thanks. Just want to make sure I'm on the right track.
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,321
    edited June 2014


    Regarding connecting smoothly at the passagio, that is emphasized as a light process. 

    Have you read Kokonuht's Epic Post? Here's an excerpt:

    Oh and before I end this, Ken also told me to do this. When doing the whole audio workout, do once in full chest. Except for the first two. Then do it again once but try to connect lightly and try to connect LATER.

    And here is the post so you can read it for yourself: This is the first posting in the GETTING STARTED section of the FORUMS:




  • jrejre Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 98
    I had not seen that one! Very cool. Well it looks like week three I'm going to step it up! Thanks as always Bob.
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