Every Rose Has its Thorn Cover (nearly 1 month in Volume 1)

Hey people!
Well I thought I gotta post my second youtube Cover in a Thread so people see whats possible in 1 Month of "Everday" Workout!

Since I started out with Kens programme I increased my overall range in chest from f4 to A4 now! :) I had a big break between G4 to A4.

Well in songs it's a different story^^ BUT I never managed to sing this song, when I started out singing in general and my highest chest note was a crackled unsure f4
As you hear I got some f4 and a bit higher in this song, sometimes it still sounds a bit strained maybe, but there was Nothing when i started out.

Don't Give up, patience and Rock it!
Maybe I'll post something much more difficult someday, I hope so :D (Skid Row?! YES!)
The road is still long!



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