Need advice for removing my break

Hello, and first of all, merry Christmas everyone =D
My name is Javier, I am Spanish (sorry if I make any writting mistake), and I want to get rid of my break (transition from chest to head voice) but I really found it impossible.

I am able to use head voice very easily, since I can remember (I could speak effortlessly on head voice), and I always thought of it as a disconnected, absolutelly different voice from regular (chest) voice. Recently (some months ago) I found out it's not, and I've been researching, looking for a way I can connect those two voices, but I can't lose the feeling that I have a switch I have to push to change from one voice to another.

My chest register reaches difficultly E4 (sometimes F4 as top), and my head voice goes down (also very difficultly) to E3. When I try to transition it is impossible to avoid that switch. For example, transitioning from chest to head, I can make the sound more nasal, lighter, change the larynx's position, make the voice sound more similar to head voice... but there's always that one last step, that switch, to get to head voice and be able to reach higher notes. However, I find switching from chest to head easier than head to chest.

Here I show a brief demo of this break. First, a transition from chest to head, and then, examples of transition in several different notes, trying not to change the pitch, but only voice register. Maybe this is falsetto and not head voice, and that's why I find it difficult to connect? I don't know. However, please, tell me what do you recommend me to do

Thank you very much


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