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Hey everyone.Ive posted here a couple times,but am basically new here.Ive been doing Kens program for about a year now.Unlike some of you I havnt uploaded a singing sample.Reason being is I dont have any equipment and dont really know what to buy.Ill save my equipment questions for another thread.
So with that said,I just wanted to post up a "hello" post.



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    Hey, Kain,

    Thanks for giving us a SHOUT!!!

    Don't worry too much about getting a perfect sound.  Sure, it would be nice to have everything perfect, but look at Lucas' demo.  He didn't even make the bed! 

    Go ahead and post something.  Anything to get started. We'll make suggestions if it needs tweeking musically or audio-wise.  And look at Paige...  She just sang with a cell phone.  We made some suggestions, and she tweeked her playback setup, and she's sounding like American Idol!!!

    Everybody, if you want to take the first step into the next level, get over your fear factor or hesitation and dive in and start singing!  WE WANT TO HEAR YOU, and WE WANT TO HELP YOU!!!  Turn on that webcam or microphone and start recording!  You must have a computer or you wouldn't be reading this.  Just about every computer made nowadays has a recording capability.  You can find karaoke music tracks to just about every song in existence on YouTube.  What are you waiting for?

    It's easy, and once you've done it, you'll realize you've been needing to take that step, and it will become even easier!  It's a way to get moving in the direction you want to go! 

    I put it off for way too long.  Now I've got two demos up on the site, and I'm thinking about what I'll put up next.  Get started launching your ROCKET! 

    Looking forward to your demo, Kain!  And nice to meet you!


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    Thanks for the welcome.Ive honestly been a bit afraid to actually sing,for fear of harming my voice,as crazy as that sounds.So Ive just been doing the scales religiously for the past year and have a decent grasp on the scales and can hit the high notes,etc...But I do need to start doing actual singing.
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    Hi Kain

    And welcome to the forum! 

    Yes start singing actual songs! Just choose a song you love (it doesn't have to be the highest and most difficult song out there) and sing it.

    As Bob say's it doesn't have to be perfect; you will achieve that gradually by working on lots of different songs and refining them (and your technique) over a long period of time.

    I don't believe that I have perfected any songs I play, but gradually over time, with lots of patient work I have got them to a standard that is a long way from where I started.

    One thing I did find was that when I finally took it out of the privacy of my front room (where I believed it was sounding quite good) and started performing in front of people, I had to learn a whole other set of skills of how to actually perform and really deliver a song with conviction in front of an audience. The only way to learn that is by actually doing it, it can't be simulated.

    As you've been doing the program for about a year you might be really pleased at how good you sound when singing actual songs. but don't worry if you at first don't like the sound of your own voice when you record it, very few people like how they sound. It takes some getting used to hearing our own voice. And don't feel any pressure in putting up a demo, just do that in your own time when you feel you are ready.

    The only way to become good at doing anything is by actually doing it again and again and again consistently over time. And having a world class role model and teacher also helps:-)

    Start singing songs Kain, it's great fun!!!

    @highmtn Actually Bob, I don't own a computer, I am writing this on a very old, very slow one at a Library on a Greek island:-(
    Yes I know excuses, excuses:-)

    Take care guys, great talking with you!

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    Yeah, but you're on one...!  So start singing in that library and hit the record button before they kick you out! No Excuses!  Ha, ha! ;^)



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    @Bob  haha  Ouch!!  ;)
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    @Bob  That video was actually some spur of the moment thing that I did for this chick that wanted me to do a song for her..  I was trying to email it to her but the file was too big so the ONLY way she could see it was to upload it to Facebook or Youtube...  I chose Youtube and was going to delete it the next day, but left it up because people liked it...  So I'm blaming it on the chick!! ;)  haha
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    @highmtn haha, yes classic one Bob:-)
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