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All well-known singers have their own distinctive sound. Are they born with it or is it tweaked and/or developed. I understand the basics and maybe into the intermediate but I can't seem to find my unique voice. Am I expecting too much too fast? On average how long does it take most to find "your" voice? I want to take lessons but don't want to waste the money if I don't have "it."


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    Your own voice is there, whether you realize it or not. As far as your own unique style, that may take a little longer to find, but it's usually a combination of all of your favorite singers, rolled into one.

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    I agreed with Highmtn... I know a very good singer that has been at it strong for over 30 years now, and his first big influence was Rob Halford. Guess what? He can totally sound like Halford... then Came Klaus Meine, then Dio then Geoff Tate... he can sound very much like any of them, but now all of his influences have kind of rolled back into him, and he sounds very much like himself. The same can be said of guitarists. Who you strongly identify with is who you typically end up sounding like, if you put your time in.

    Eventually the lines blur on these distinct styles and you end up with a great version of "You"


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    I think when you sing your own songs - it is normally done with your own voice. ANd if you warm up correctly at the same time - that becomes a better quality but still you. Some people try to mimic other's sound - which is great. But then take you time, take a song, or someone's song - and try to tell a story instead of trying to make a certain sound. I think your own voice is kind of the story you tell that you are senserily interested in.
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