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To start off, my mind is blown. You guys really mean that it is possible to bring chest voice beyond the boundaries provided in SS (E4)? You can actually sing in chest voice coordination beyond that point? Wow, I'm speechless. All this time I thought I should just strenghten my mix to get that belting sound or something but no, that's not the case it seems. Just, wow!

I've been singing for about one year now, I'm really happy with my (chest) voice up to E4 and I actually like the falsettoish Coldplay-sounds so much that I utilize it in my music quite often. However, after a while, it gets quite boring if you can't sing powerful notes between E4-C5 and this method seems to deliver the solution. How awesome is that! 
(Edit. Oh, my vocal range is E2 - E4 (passagio) - C5 (another) - E5. Beyond C5, it's quite weak and not really usable in other than Coldplay-stuff)

I'm planning to spend some time (atleast those 3 weeks) on nailing down the fundamental principles that I got "wrong" from SS. I'm really excited, and I believe this leads me to a whole new world of rock singing! I hope to participate in much of the discussion too and perhaps post audio/video in order to get some feedback and help from you guys.

Rock on!


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    Helloww xplosive, welcome aboard, you will be surprise about how hard singing actually is.... I'm the victim of SS, in here, we learn from a great teacher and great singer, in SS we learned from great Marketers and great businessmen.. Still practicing support support and support
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    Hey, Explosiw!

    Welcome to the world of KTVA, where your voice is going to take you places that you've never been with any other vocal method! 

    Pay strict attention to all of the details that Ken lays out in the videos, including leaving everything you believe you know from previous methods at the door and come into KTVA ready to learn the actual RIGHT way to sing...  Better than anyone else can possibly teach you!!!!

    Watch the DVD lessons over and over and do the exercises as instructed.  Don't skip over or rush past anything, even if you think, Yeah, I already know all about that stuff.  REALLY GET THE AH! vowel just like Ken Shows You!  That is the KEY to OPEN THROAT!

    Welcome aboard and let's get singing!

    Looking forward to your demos!


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    Is there some audio demonstrations on the subject of bridging. I mean, I'd like to hear myself how it actually sounds if you bridge around E4 and if you "use chest voice up to C5". I'm also curious to know whether the actual coordination of the vocal folds is different, in other words the fold don't "zip up" if you "use chest voice up to C5", instead they just lenghten or something.


    There is some confusion in these thought processes as you can see.

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    I just went through my first lesson actually doing it and WOW! I was like, holy sh*t, that's my full voice! Now I didn't go for volume or anything, but the timbre and the feeling was so connected! I have never been this connected, ever. This is something SLS didn't teach _at all_ (or I failed to understand). Just the first tongue excercise and I was like "hey, we're way above E4 and I'm still using my full voice? what's going on!".

    The vowel modifications make it so easy and effortless. Support really helps too. The feeling is like my voice is kinda squeezing together but naturally. All the weight is lost and the voice is really non-airy. It's quite a small sound for now, but it seems that this is the foundation and it'll grow exponentially.

    My feelings right now: TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY. Can't wait to progress on the next volumes! But let's just take it easy now, better slow than hurry.

    Also, just a quick question. I read in the first book about checking the muscles under chin constantly. Now, as I recall, it's not mentioned in the videos. It seems quite difficult to shut the muscle tension down completely, how much should I "worry" about it right now? Is it covered more later on? How important it is to keep this area relaxed? How do I keep it relaxed?
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    Hahaha, sorry for posting this rapidly but my vocal growth has been so immense on my first day so I have to keep updating!

    I just got off from my second practice session, which lasted approximately 30-50minutes, and I was really surprised to find out that I am actually capable of bringing chest voice up to C5. Wow. In other words, I have just made my own questions obselete within the first day. I completely understand what you guys mean when you talk like that, because it literally feels like singing chest up to C5 and then switching off to head. Sounds very different from what I've previously done (the coldplay-thing). As I have experienced how it feels, it no longer matters to me what actually happens inside the larynx. Now the only challenge is to actually say something rather than just vocalize Laa, heh.

    Rock on!
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    Yes, Xplosiw,

    The SLS proponents will warn you of the shame of "pulling chest" and how awful it is. 

    Shame on you for singing in chest voice and not going into a sissy, hooty, head voice way down yonder around E4!  ;^)

    Yeah, this stuff is ROCKet Feul!  ENJOY the Ride, You've just fired up on the launching pad!


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