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I find it hard to relax

Find relaxing for the open throat technique difficult. Like I can't just pickup a guitar and sing.. I need try hard to relax


  • What area are you having trouble keeping relaxed?

    Peace, Tony
  • my throat. it's like it takes me a bit to get zero compession, like i hae to trust my diaphram to take over etc...Been trying to sing like Axl Rose a bit...he uses a lot of compression and mask. When I sing a Poison Song Bret michaels might compress the first word or end word of a phrase, but he almst sings open mostly. that's what I hear anyway.
  • but Like Ken says own it, I'm now admitting i'm a singer + lead guitarist and am getting the confidence to do YouTube videos and openly sing. When I began to sing couldnt understand my words, no volume, zero pitch. Watched Ken's Video on diaphram support and Open throat technique. straight away 80% better ad pitch is now the least of my issues mostly.
  • just need tone, color and shape. When I try to sing like another singer I still sound like me...I can't seem to help that but i can get that Bret Michael infliction so I'm happy about that. Then after doing the Open Throat technique, and practicing that. My voice has gotten higher so now I can almost get an axl rose situatio happening but when he splits his voice and goes up I can't do that yet, but I'd love too :) I like the 80s guy singers most, I like The Bangles but I dont sound right singing their stuff Timbre wise though.
  • Some of the stuff axel rose sings is beyond just compression. Its like hyper compression. I heard some of the live stuff he did with AC/DC, and it was horrid sounding. I think he just totally trashed his voice for good. You don't want to emulate that lol. The singer from Nazereth (Can't think of his name) was pretty much in the same boat with the same singing style. It's dangerous.

    Brett Michaels is much "cleaner" as far as tone goes.

    How long have you been singing?

    Peace, Tony
  • I've been "singing" for 2 years (often told I'm bad at it, to just play lead guitar because that's what I'm good at. Then I went solo and had no choice but to sing (getting laughed at by family, random people while busking, gigging) no power or tone or dictation in my voice ). after A couple of Ken Tamplin's videos and I can sing with power, some tone and clear words. I like how I hear good potential in my voice I call myself a singer + lead guitarist. Making videos for my YouTube when I can afford it I'll buy the course soon😀
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,605Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    "Trying hard" to relax doesn't sound very relaxing. Try just easing into relaxation. You can't intensely relax. Think about it... Just relax.
  • I know right, I mean sometimes I catch myself singing from my throat then my chest voice. then I have to get my diaphram engaged, open my throat more
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,605Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Yes, that's exactly right. When you really learn how to use your diaphragm, you can transfer much of the tension and control to the gut, and it really makes the job of the throat much less demanding. You want to "sing from the diaphragm". It will improve your tone and your control. When you try to do everything with your throat, it's much more difficult.
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