Really Bad BoRhap Cover

Proceed with caution, this cover is prone to causing ear bleeds: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1O6DFqU07Z4


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    You're forcing those A4s too much. You're probably hoarse by now. Your mama's were decent.
    You have a nice vibrato kicking in there. You definitely have some potential to become a kick-ass singer!

    You are not supporting those top notes. You are squeezing them to a point where everything is constricted and you start to crack a bit.

    The point is. Work on support. Ken has a video on that. It's the base of all singing.
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    Am I supposed to tighten my abs really hard? I breathe from my diaphragm but thats about it.
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    LOL @ONIC we all breathe from our diaphragm that is the only way we breathe :tongue:

    Watch Ken's video that Doc linked in your other post on diaphragmatic SUPPORT. That should help you.

    Also to answer your question ... absolutely not, we do not tighten our abs really hard.
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    I don't understand how to have diaphragm support if I am not tightening my abs. I breathe the way Ken does in the video but I don't really notice a difference unless I tighten my abs.
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    There are two parts happening, the first part is the inhale and the second part is the exhale. The inhale is pretty straight forward, it is the second part that is tougher. If you tighten your abs you are going to force your diaphragm very quickly back into the inhale position. This is going to force a lot of air very quickly out of your lungs across your vocal chords, this is the absolute opposite of controlled singing. All of that air dries out the chords and causes a negative feedback loop that ends up causing causing hoarseness and if continued over an extended period of time, blow out. We want to avoid this situation like the plague.

    Diaphragmatic support is covered extensively in the first of the course and is foundational to good singing.

    Hopefully this clarifies some. :)
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    Ya thanks. Unfortunately right now I don't have enough money for the lessons, so I rely on the youtube vids.
  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    That's kewl lots of folks are in that predicament :)

    Best thing for you to do is start a practice routine for singing. Here are Ken's videos on how to get started doing just that.

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