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Since childhood, she wanted a voice. Her way of expressing herself in a meaning way - being that she isn't a surface dweller. However, it's interesting that she wanted she possessed all along. Unfortunately it was suppressed to keep her "behaving" which eventually served as her very "survival". Then one day she got the message that "well behaved women don't make history" in amidst of her journey of healing past wounds and self-discovery. Today, I can proudly embrace she as me as well as my voice. And I accept my stage of not yet a butterfly but no longer a caterpillar.

And my journey has led me here. And I not just hope but I also know that this is just one of the many levels towards my transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly.

Thanks for allowing me to share and I look forward to our evolution to Phoenixhood together.

With all my light,



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