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Why do I feel like I'm going to pass out everytime I breathe from my diaphragm?

I want to start learning how to sing, so I asked my friends who can sing for some tips. They said I should start out by breathing from my diaphragm. So I started practicing that. However, everytime I do I get lightheaded and feel like I'm going to pass out.

Is this normal? Will it go away with more practice or am I doing something wrong?


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,333
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    after how long do you get lightheaded? is this during singing? you will build stamina, so it will most likely get better.

    mastering the breathing is a lot of work (i don't even think it ever stops, really), so most likely, you are "doing it wrong" right now. but that doesn't matter, as long as you work on it, you will improve.
  • RiannaRianna Member Posts: 6
    @Klaus_T it happens after about a minute when I'm doing breathing excercises. It feels like I'm not filling my lungs entirely and I'm not getting enough air. Hopefully it will get better. Thank you for your answer.

  • xiedofuxiedofu 2.0 PRO Posts: 13
    Does the concept make sense to you?
    If you lower your diaphragm your lungs will fill with air, and this will push your tummy outwards (because there is only so much room in there)... When you raise your diaphragm this will push the air out of your lungs and your tummy will get sucked back in... Important to note that it is the diaphragm that is doing the pushing and pulling, not your tummy, so you shouldn't be using your tummy muscles. Your tummy movement is only a symptom of the diaphragm movement. The main action is with the diaphragm, and the diaphragm muscle is much stronger than muscles expanding your rib cage, plus your rib cage is bone and it's more difficult to move out of the way as easily or as far as the diaphragm. Therefore you get more air and get it easier when breathing using your diaphragm. I know it seems counterintuitive at first and takes a while getting used to it. (however it's totally natural... watch the way an infant breathes, tummy in and out. As adults we learn to suppress this)

    The same concept applies to karate, and yoga and other similar types of training
  • xiedofuxiedofu 2.0 PRO Posts: 13
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    soon you will be breathing that way all the time. That's a good thing. It's a healthier way to breathe. Remember it's not your tummy muscles doing the breathing, it's your diaphragm muscle, tummy muscles should be relaxed. That could be why you're feeling like your not getting enough air

  • RiannaRianna Member Posts: 6
    @xiedofu I have been practicing using your advice for a couple of months now, and let's just say I got way better at the breathing part! Thank you! I'm just trying to figure out how to connect that to my singing now, because I have a hard time doing that, but thank you very much for your reply!
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