Just starting up, any vocal suggestions?

My fiancé and I are trying to launch a music career and we've written a couple originals.. I am the singer (and drummer) but I've never had training so do you talented guys and gals have any input on my vocal technique?
Here's one of our YouTube videos, for a song we wrote called Freedom Falls


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    Hi @Chloecharette12,

    well-thought lyrics. I like that you make a real appeal in your song.

    On your vocal technique: I think that you should start to work on support and resonance. Ken has a lot of free video on Youtube. I would start with these two:

    And really look through all other free videos from Ken. PLATINUM information.

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    Thank you!! I use the daily vocal exercises one already, its amazing
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    Hi Chloe, @Chloecharette12

    okay, these ones are great too, for females:

    In this 3 video series Ken really covers a lot.


    PS.: If you can afford it, get the course. It will be the best you will ever invest in yourself.
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    Nice that was cool I liked it, cool song and good music video. NIce Gretch guitar too they're great. Man I could do with a durmkit myself. I don't know what songs to suggest your style sort of had a punk thing going on there which I'm not too well versed with. But seeing you're starting out some songs that sit easy in your range that you like.
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    @Chloecharette12 - Great job on this, I've always been super impressed with singers who drum! It's an incredibly difficult feat just getting a sound out let alone in tune!

    @doc_ramadani is absolutely correct, focus on support, you unfortunately, because your a drummer, will have to work extra hard because your sat down and you will potentially lose performance.

    If I had a suggestion just on the song itself in relation to your voice, I believe you start the song in a B minor chord, could you up that first note from a B to a D and try and singing the song shifted up throughout? (Every note that you currently sing shifts up to the middle note in the chord rather than the tonic note)

    The reason why I ask is you are very low in octave in the song and when you start going into the lower notes, it's harder, starting at a D sound "true" and penetrate more. By doing that, it will give the same vibe and chords as you already have, just singing higher notes in the scale.
  • Good idea, will try it. Because the starting note is at the lower limit of my voice we did try transposing the thing, but the chorus then was a bit high. A third might do the trick tho. Thanks!
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    @Chloecharette12 - Other option is for the higher parts, drop down to the tonic and then shift to the third after your done.

    I've been having issues with my songs because I always want to crescendo into a big chorus but I always start to high. This is because I never had any resonance so singing higher was more impressive. I don't have that issue as much now with doing the Pro course but I still have that mentality lol
  • Lol okay! I will try that too. Thanks again!
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