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sommonsommon Member Posts: 32
iam struggling with OCD towards my practice and singing can anyone suggest or guide me what can i do in this situation because its getting worse with panic attacks and anxiety , and i want to practice but i can't due to some issues how can i deal with this help me

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  • codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 303
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    Hey mate, my first advice would prob be to seek out a good therapist.
    Secondly, I would try an analyse what the catalyst for these feelings is. (no doubt a therapist could help with this)
    For example, you mention above you are struggling with practice. Try to break down what exactly it is that you are struggling with. When I started I was quite loud and out of key, and I was worried the neighbors would have to hear me every night. I ended up doing an experiment and getting my wife to go out side while I sang through a scale and tell me how loud it was. She said she couldn't hear it at all.... I couldn't believe it, I was so loud how could that be... I got her to sing at the same level and I went out and checked, it was true (we have a brick house).... maybe if you stood right out side the window you could hear it but the neighbors house is offset and when I stood at the fence at the closest point to their house I couldn't hear it at all. Thinking about it now I could have found someone doing acapella on the web and played it at a similar volume through my speakers and then went out and checked to get a rough idea. Anyway the point is once I realized this it freed me from this worry. If it was an issue I could have looked at creating a small vocal booth maybe with acoustic blankets or old mattresses etc...in the corner of the room or maybe even the wardrobe to try and take the edge off.
    I think if you can identify exactly what makes you feel uncomfortable and why, you can then work out a solution for this. A good therapist may be able to assist with this by asking you questions that help you think it through and helping you design solutions, and experiments to try to see if your concerns can be debunked like mine was.

    Good luck my friend ;-)


  • sommonsommon Member Posts: 32
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    codeowl ,,,,,, no think you did't understand my problem is that i want to practice and sing hard i mean im obssesed with practice and singing(OCD) but there is a situation which i know , and that is stopping me ,,,for example i caught up doing something that according to other person is wrong or bad or they don't want and at that moment i get little traumatized and after that my tension is started because of not practice and singing and there is a 2 hour at my home when im alone but whenever i try to go to practice i got really scared even though there is cahnces of 90% that no one will come and bielive singing and practice is much more for me than anything in the world,, unless i encountered in the world that traumatize me baddest.....but i will make myself force and bielive that you have to do becuase there is no point of mind or heart hearn in that particular situation.......i have share some of my thought here hope you reply or anyone who knows
  • codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 303
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    Hey mate. To be honest this is outside my field of expertise. In my previous post I was trying to outline an experience I had where I was worried about something, and I was able to overcome this by doing an experiment to see how real the thing I was worrying about actually was. When I found that actually it wasn't really happening like I thought it was, it took away the worry, and I was able to practice singing uninhibited.

    But again, I am not a psychologist, I am just sharing an experience I had that I thought you may be able to apply a similar approach to your worries.

    I think if you are having anxiety or worries that are preventing you from singing when you know the probability of these things happening is low, then maybe seek out a good therapist and try to get to the bottom of it, so you don't have these things holding you back.




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