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    Really cool, the vocals were a touch lost in the mix for me but I can tell youre pretty good all that time ago. What are you up to nowadays?
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    @ Wigs yes the producer helped me a lot. I knew nothing and still don't know anything at all regarding voice. However, I'm willing to buy 3.0 . Will there be a vocal coach there who'll be monitoring students? I am watching the channel's YouTube video and learning as much as I can.

    @ Walter1953 thank you!
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    The course is all prerecorded material that is laid out for you do do at your own pace. When you are a student, you have access to the student area of the forum where you can post samples for feedback and this is the best way for most people to get max value out of the course. Within the forum there are even more videos of Ken having one on one Skype lessons with other students that you can watch. Finally, for the moment Ken is holding a group Q&A once a month where you might have a chance to ask him something directly and all the previous group videos are available to watch through the course as well.

    There is so much content that it's hard to watch it all. Alot of the extras are bonus material that isn't necessary to progress but if you find the time they all help to provide more insight to Ken and his methods.

    The student area also has a gold mine of tips and course application instructions.
  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 4,834
    Also to tag someone don't put a space after the @. For example @Shahed_Hossain
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    @wigs sounds awesome! thanks for showing me how to tag :P
    Okay, will do that!
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