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Hello. I am Shahed. I'm from Bangladesh. I first started playing guitar back in 2008 and played my first gig with a band in 2012. However, I had two bands - one rock/soft rock and the other was heavy metal. I also played extreme metal like Lamb of God and Arch enemy for a band quite a while, but I always wanted to sing and write my own materials. I recorded my first song in 2015 , which was a rock cover of Richard Marx's right here waiting . The link is attached with this post, however, I had a long gap for 3 or more years prior to today when I left my band. I am learning the basics of singing on from your respective YouTube channel. It has been very helpful. I'm kind of lost and sometimes I sound good and sometimes I don't. Even when I get some notes right I feel I'm not doing justice to the songs and it doesn't sound good, both emotionally and tone wise. I would highly appreciate some advice as I'm getting quite a few collaboration offers and I want to it right. Make something out of myself and be own best version. Thank you.



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    hi Shahed, welcome. if you want you can check out my profile page for a compilation of free exercises. you can do them 5-6 times a week.

    you sound good already but of course everyone can improve. daily exercise is the way to go. you will become more consistent and "feel lost" much less the longer you work on your voice.
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    Hello, You're a moderator that's great. I was willing to purchase the 3.0 and become a student. Will it all be pre-recorded videos or will there be a coach who'll monitor me like how I'm doing and all?

    Thanks a lot. I will check it out! @ klaus T
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    the course is pre-recorded material, yes. you will need to drive home some important concepts, listening to how Ken and his students do it, how he corrects them etc. that's the video lessons you watch initially as a primer, and can and should revisit a lot for best results.

    and then, there is this forum, where you can post your exercises for feedback from moderators and other students. so you are not flying blind.

    you can also book skype sessions with Ken, but most people get really good results with the course and the forum alone. you need to invest a lot of hours of work on your end though, if you want to improve (which is normal because you are training muscles and there is no shortcut or trick to speed it up).

    i did the exercises i showed you as a demo for a few weeks, and it convinced me that Ken's exercises help, so then i bought the course. no need to rush anything, try the exercises and see for yourself, you will also be able to see if you can commit to the regular practice.
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    @ Klaus_T thanks a bunch! yes flying blind would be a drag. Its good to here that i'll be getting feedbacks. Thanks a lot for your reply!
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