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Hello everyone i am Erik from Mexico i am New to singing i have been playing guitar for 15 years and always want to sing but you know i am the classic guy everyone tell him you cant sing you need to born with that gift. Last december i decided to start training and i bought singing zone with Per Bristow and begin my singing journey I think that method help me alot but i feel that i need to take it to the next level so i bought ktva it has alot of amazing reviews it seems this is the place to be, its my first week and very pleased with the content and dvd 1 excercises. Any one of the advanced here do Per Bristow method? What do you think are the differences that make this a better option. Anyway i want to say hello to everyone and happy singing.


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    Welcome, Erik!

    I bought Per Bristow's singing method before I got into KTVA.  I have to tell you that what I learned from the Per Bristow method was very close to zero.  There is really no comparison of his program to what is taught in the KTVA method. 

    You will be very pleased with what happens to your voice if you follow Ken's instructions exactly.  It takes a lot of work and a lot of dedicated time, but you will definitely transform your voice with Ken Tamplin's program. 

    I just count my experience with Per Bristow as a lesson learned on wasting my money.  He seems like a nice enough guy, but sometimes I feel like I should have asked for my money back.  I didn't get anything from Per Bristow's lessons.  They did keep trying to get me to subscribe to more paid upgrades.  I declined to spend any more on The Singing Zone.  To me, it was more like the Singing BONE!!!

    It's cool if you feel like you learned a lot from them, but I know your voice is really going to grow with your KTVA package!

    Thanks for introducing yourself, glad you're here now!!!


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    Thanks for the reply I am a really hard working person 2 hrs a day 5 days a week so i think this method will make me a better singer.
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    Mexico!, what part of Mexico? I'm from Mexico too. :)
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    Cool!, Yo soy de monterrey jaja
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    cuanto tardo en llegarte el curso?
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