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Neck Tension?

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In this practice clip. my neck is tense altho I can sing that note without tension on scale, is it cus my neck is coming forward?

This guy mentions that there is a tendency for singers to move their neck forward when singing to a mic 04:36. How should I work on reducing my neck tension? Or is this all I need to know?

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  • bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,500
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    What do you define as neck tension? Is it like 'pressure' inside your throat when singing?

    As for form, you should stand with your shoulders back and in a straight position, with your ribcage 2/3 expanded. So you don't tilt your head, and you don't bring it forward too much.

    When singing, you deal with more than the pure vowel like on a scale. You have vowel transitions, and consonants to deal with. It's much more difficult to transition between certain vowels. Since you have PRO access, check out the PRO VIDEOS sections, and look at the videos with Adam. I think there is a video about vowel transitions.

    When singing words such as 'baby', especially when singing in your mid range or even higher, you want to modify the words a little. You use vowel mods during your scale, you want to use those in singing as well. You change the vocal tract a little. Are you familiar with the whole concept of vowel tract shaping?

    Coming back to the word 'baby', you would want to sing b-Ey-b-EE. Something like that. So you can ease into that EE. Or, alternatively, you could sing b-Eh-b-Ehy, with Eh from 'led', and use vowel mods if you need, depending on the pitch. Go lightly on the consonants. I am not really good at explaining this in text. I would ask @highmtn for a better explanation if you need it.

    This is just an example to make you aware of this, in the case you weren't. I think you actually do modify some vowels here and there.

    All the best,

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