Getting Dizzy Doing Warmups

Hi! I’m fairly new to KTVA. Got my DVDs a couple weeks ago and after some days I got the warmups uploaded to my Evernote app so I can practice from my cell phone.

Every day I try to do the warmups but I can’t even make it completely through the first lip drill. About halfway through, I get dizzy and feel like I’m going to black out. Obviously it’s because I’m not used to flooding my brain with that much oxygen but I don’t seem to be getting any further each day without the same thing stopping me.

I’d really appreciate any advice anyone may have as I don’t know if I can keep my motivation up when this keeps happening.

Thank you (also I don’t know how to find any responses people might have to this post)


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    I didn't notice this earlier, but for questions that include detailed information, you need to post those in the student sections.

    Peace, Tony
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    Thanks so much for taking the time to repost this response. All makes sense to my situation except the part about diaphragmatic breathing since that’s what’s causing my dizziness. Believe me, my chest is expanded and my belly pops out when filled with air. I wish there were more basic exercises just working on the diaphragm. It feels like jumping in doing scales with the lip rolling is a little too advanced for the beginner (haha. I know that sounds silly but I have to be honest). Do you think it might be okay to search for the vowel scales exercises and start with those?
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    Hello @CarolinaOnMyMind,

    I am Marco from Germany. My friends call me Doc. I am 5 months on Volume 1.

    Do you think it might be okay to search for the vowel scales exercises and start with those?

    The Vowel exercises of Volume 1? - Absolutely. So many people had problems doing the lip burbles at the beginning - including myself. Ken mentions this in several videos and I think in the Ken-guided audio workouts of Volume 1. I always got light-headed at the beginning and ran out of air. That is no problem. Look at it like going to gym. Are you able to lift 200 lbs. dumbbell on day 1? - I was not. Meanwhile I grab myself the 50 lbs. :)

    Try to do the lip burbles as good as you can. If you get dizzy: stop the playback. Wait until you recoverd. Then continue. Next, move on to the vowel exercises. BTW, the dizziness does not come from a lack of oxygen but from exhaling too much CO2. And that changes the pH-Value of the blood which causes the dizziness. You will be getting better on that very soon. The course is so well-thought-of. Every instruction Ken gives you is given on purpose. Believe me. Sometimes I think every single word is chosen on purpose.

    Are you doing the starter exercises? - They are a great starting point. For me the exercises on better pitch were the breakthrough.

    And Tony ( @videoace ) is right. Come to the students area. There are students that have much more experience than me. They helped me so much. Thanks to them I know what to do when and how all the things come together.

    BTW, very good to have you as a student among us. I am looking forward to listen to a lot demos from you. :)


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    Make sure you aren't hungry. This happens to me when I do not eat at all.
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    Thank you doc Ramadani. That’s very helpful. I don’t think I’m doing the starter exercises. Are they on the DVDs or the Audio CDs. There’s so much, i don’t think I’ve found everything yet. I’d love to come to the student section but I don’t know where it is. Not well versed on forums, so I apologize. I hope to post a demo if I could figure out how to do it. Haha! Such a newb I am.
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    Thanks ReallyDanny. I do them on an empty stomach so that could be contributing. I figured that if i didn’t have any food in my belly, I’d have more room to expand the diaphragm. Lol. OMG. I feel a bit pitiful admitting all this but your responses really touch my heart.
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    @CarolinaOnMyMind: go there Students Area - Volume 1 - The Lip Roll. You will be very familiar with the forum soon. We will guide you like we have been guided by other students before. :smile:
  • @CarolinaOnMyMind I feel terrible if I try singing on an empty stomach. Correct diaphragmatic support requires hard work, and we need energy to do it. Ken suggests singing about an hour/hour and a half after eating, so you have the fuel you need, but aren't likely to burp.

    One of the many things I like about this course is the sense of very fine control we feel we're getting over muscles that we may never have thought about. As you do the exercises and watch and rewatch the videos, the information will become familiar to you and you'll suddenly "get" something, and those moments feel great. :) Keep going, one step at a time. You will be fine. :)
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    @CarolinaOnMyMind Welcome to the course. These lip drills are difficult to start with, light headed , running out breath etc, found that in time we get stronger and gets a little easier to do them. I found that doing them gently and having the diaphramtic support properly on place makes all the difference.

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    @CarolinaOnMyMind hi and welcome! you will get a little dizzy at the beginning, dont worry after a while youll get better, just dont do them while you are driving yet :)
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    @CarolinaOnMyMind Hi. I had this same problem in the beginning. I think the dizziness is similar to hyperventilating. You get dizzy when you expel carbon dioxide to fast. This is the byproduct of breathing in and out too fast, using too much air.

    Ultimately you will learn to use less air and it will help.

    In the meantime, it helped me to take a breath and hold it as long as I could once I started feeling dizzy. Do this a couple of times and the CO2 will build up and take away the dizziness away almost instantly.
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