New Student from Puerto Rico

Hi guys, so glad I finally did this, looking forward to great results.
A little about me, I'm a 41 year old musician, played drums in bands since 1993 and basically lived out of cover gigs for 15 years. Mostly drums, sometimes drums and vocals and sometimes just vocals, but 10 years ago I transitioned from a drummer (still am really) to a guitarist and solo player, mostly acoustic gigs. I've Always had a problem with hoarseness after a gig, even more so after multiple gigs, and eventually it caught up with me. Last year I developed a vocal nodule in my right vocal fold which produced constant hoarseness, loss of register, 24/7 pain, discomfort, difficulty speaking and more. I sang trough that but eventually had to undergo surgery last October. Due to financial reasons I restarted singing about 2 weeks after the surgery and still am gigging 3-5 times a week. Doctor says recovery is going well although I should rest more. Just looking at some of Kens YouTube videos about Diaphragmatic support has helped me out a lot, which I was I decided to get the course. Nice to finally be here and looking forward to sharing my results with you all.


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    Welcome @Xander77!!!!

    Make sure you aren't missing the best part of forum, by upgrading your forum access here.

    You are definitely are in good company here. There are a lot of older singers here, and I think many understand the need to protect your voice. For us recovery is slow and why recover when you can avoid the problem all together ;)
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    Welcome to yet another drumming singer here at the KTVA forums. Nice to have you here, Xander77! Here's to you learning how to prevent that hoarseness. It's hard to break old habits, but please trust Ken and do everything the way he teaches. That is really KEY to getting the right results. You have to learn all of the techniques in order to put them into practice. That's when the hoarseness begins to be a thing of the past, and no more vocal cord injuries, either. The pieces will all fit together for you, after you have had time to put it all into practice.

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    Hi @Xander77, good that you already met my classmate @HuduVudu and the housekeeper (Bob, @highmtn). Very good to have you here. But let me say this: if you are hitting to hard I will turn up my amp. I am a guitar player. :smile:

    A very warm welcome from Germany,

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    Thanks @HuduVudu , I upgraded.
    Thanks @highmtn , like you said, I want hoarseness to be a thing of the past
    Thanks @doc_ramadani , let me clarify. I was a singing drummer most of the time, but since 2008 I play acoustic guitar & vocal gigs just by myself , once a week I do an acoustic gig with a backup drummer, and maybe once a month I'll do either just a drumming gig or a band gig playing electric and vocals.
    I dont have many videos to share

    Here are a few audio files of my last show before the surgery in octiber
    pardon the mistakes, english is not my first language, and the vocal pain and discomfort made it hard to concentrate.

    for the gearheads:

    -guitar-taylor 214ce
    -vocal harmonies-tc helicon harmony singer
    -guitar fx-zoom g3n
    -looper-ditto x4
    -edrums-singular sound beatbuddy
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    Hi @Xander77,

    very nice recordings even if you had severe issues with you vocal folds. Ken has made a very good live stream on vocal health and he is teaching us a very healthy method for singing. Even if I practice very, very hard (pulling chest all the way), I never get hoarse. So I think you made a wise decision to join us.


    Here is the live stream:

  • @Xander77 What do you think of your zoom multi-effects pedal?
    I have the G5N, and it sounds really nice, especially on the stereo effects.

    Just curious what other people think about theirs.

    Peace, Tony
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    Hi @videoace , to be honest I've had it for about 5 month bout haven't really toyed with it much. I did a quit patch setup once and basically just use for Fx for my acoustic guitar. Just a flanger, an autowah, a delay and a compressor for a soloing boost. I have a Line 6 helix that is my main electric guitar sound. But the G3n is pretty nice for the price as it's a lot less money that if I would've bought individual analog pedals to get those same Fx.
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    @Xander77 welcome! this program is gonna rock your voice I see you also play guitar, great!
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    I like the tone quality of your voice. It sounds great on Every Breath You Take.
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    Jazzyoh said:

    I like the tone quality of your voice. It sounds great on Every Breath You Take.

    Thanks a lot @Jazzyoh. To be honest I haven't really haven't been able to do the course much due to personal circumstances, but I will try to make a new recording of this song just to see how it sounds like post vocal surgery.
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    i just started myself. This probably is not your style, but here is a little tune I wrote and recorded before I started the course. I have big expectations on increasing my range from the course so we will see.
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    Well, here you are again, @Jazzyoh, and I am busting your chops for duplicate posts, right after I mentioned to you that we don't want duplicate posts.

    So I guess I have to bust myself, too, because that makes my post a duplicate post about telling you not to do duplicate posts...

    Hi, new people.

    Welcome to the KTVA forums! We're glad you're here. But we are sad that you are duplicate-posting.

    But we will be glad when you help us to keep things more organized by not doing multiple posts of demos or questions, etc.

    We have some nice, knowledgeable people here, willing to help you with your program and happy to see you here. But please respect their time, by keeping LIKE things in ONE SPOT. There's nothing like giving a detailed explanation to something and feeling good about it, and then finding the same question, maybe slightly altered somewhere else, and other people engaged in that conversation. And you feel like you just wasted a lot of time and energy, and now here's another whole discussion on it.

    Keep things focused, please.

    We need order, not chaos, to make things simpler.


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    Tell it to the judge.
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    Belated Welcome to the forum , I like your demos prior to the op and this is the best place to help recover your vocals.

    Warm Welcome from Scotland

    Vocality (George)
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    Thanks so much. Very sorry for doing duplicates. I am new so please forgive me. i was not getting any answers to my question so i didn't think anyone was seeing it. I have been spanked, so i won't do it again. Cheers :blush:
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    Hi @Jazzyoh,

    no problem, mate. Lesson learned. We are happy to have you with us. You will get used to all the things here very soon. Maybe you want to join our weekly assignment troupe here.

    We are happy about every students who joins us.

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    We let people be new here. That's OK, and everybody makes mistakes.
    Now that you know about non-duplicate posts, we won't have to freak out when you do it, because now you won't!
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    Officer @highmtn so won’t need to write @Jazzyoh a ticket he’s free to go o:)
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    Awesome, Thanks so much. Just posted a question on getting hoarse. Please take a look and see if you have a suggestion. Cheers.
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