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I have just started on volume 1 of the course after purchasing it a while ago.
I'm 21 years old and i have been singing for 8 months. I haven't progressed as fast as i like and decided to give this singing course a try.

There are several things i hope the course will help with. I have a limited range and don't really know how to use head voice. I think this might be because i have a tendency to increase the volume when i sing higher in my range. I'm a bit uncertain about how i'm going to train with the course while only being able to sing in chest.

I've started practicing on keeping the throat open and i already think my singing has gotten better, so i got a good feeling about this course.


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    Welcome to KTVA!  If you will put a little intensity into your study of the Ken Tamplin vocal training, you will definitely have good results!  Watch the videos several times over a period of days and weeks and try the exercises as Ken demonstrates them.  Work the audio CD exercises EVERY DAY at least Five Days a Week and your voice will grow LIKE CRAZY!

    Your now-limited voice will begin to increase gradually, over time, if you really stick with it and keep exercising regularly, as instucted.  Work on growing and stretching the range of your Chest Voice for a considerable time.  Your head voice will come with time, but it's important to get as much range out of your chest voice as you can.  It will give you more to work with by the time you start developing your head voice.  The higher you can go in chest, the more convincing your head voice will be when you transition over to it!

    Keep the good feeling about the course and about yourself and Really GO FOR IT!!!


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    Welcome aboard JT. Don't be afraid to ask questions we are here to help. All the best.
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    Thanks for the welcome :)
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    I'm back again after a break from singing. I have been doing the exercises on volume 1 for a week now and i got some problems. I'm struggling keeping my tongue down when i sing higher and i also get tension in the back of my neck. Would really appreciate some advice!
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    Hi, @JTD09,

    Nice to have you back after your break.

    If your tongue is rising, your larynx may be rising as well.  You need to spend some time singing in front of a mirror.  Relaxation is required, as it sounds as if tension is working against you. 

    You might try using a tongue depressor or a teaspoon to help hold down your tongue.  Don't force it down, but you can help get it into the proper position by gently guiding it into place.  That can help you to memorize the feeling of relaxation with the tongue in this place.  Listen to the difference in sound when your tongue is there without the spoon or depressor.  Get used to having that sound be part of your cues to what "right" is while singing.

    Also the tension in the back of the neck means that you are doing something unnatural or forced. 

    It is important to shake off all tension to the chest, neck, and throat.

    Yes, I know everybody thinks that I think that support is "everything".  That's because it is...  along with a number of other very important items.

    When you concentrate on the transfer of your muscular tension into your abdominal support system, you can relax other areas more...  areas like the throat and neck, which you want to be more relaxed.

    Give this a shot.  If you aren't having better results, then please post a video example so we can both hear and see what you are doing.  Between Ken, the moderators, and 3000-plus singers, we should be able to give you the help you need.

    By the way, JTD09, you are listed as a "member" but you said you purchased Volume One some time ago.  You should send an email to [email protected] and paste into the email a copy of your KTVA purchase receipt.  Ask to have your "member" forum status converted to "Volume One".  That gives you access to more discussion areas and also some additional video materials.  You should take advantage of that benefit.

    Good Singing to You!


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    Thanks for the reply. I will keep practicing and i have sent an email to ktvahelp.
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    Hi again. I haven't received a reply to the email i sent, so i'll try asking here. I purchased the volume through paypal. Does my paypal transaction details count as my purchase receipt?
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