Hello from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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43 year-old lady singing just for fun. Had singing classes years ago, but clearly most coaches like to "teach" already talented people. As a child I sang at a school choir group. Singing makes me happy, I'd like to improve my poor skills.


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    Hello @Elicap,

    48 year old gentleman singing just for joy. My name is Marco but everyone calls me Doc because I am a Medical Doctor ... and to be honest ... I love that me call me "Doc". It reminds of one of my favorite movies "Back to the Future".

    You have come to the right place. You will meet very nice people here and learn a lot.

    Very good to have you here with us,

    Doc (Marco)
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    Nice that you have come here to help you learn with the course!
  • ElicapElicap 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 9
    I was practicing but had trouble acessing the foruns.... long time no see. Thank you guys for your answers. I am still lost here (in therms of navigation)
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    Hi @Elicap

    First, to make it easier to have an overlook what is happening in the forums:

    When you enter the forums the normal way you will see the "category view!. You can see all the categories with the last 5 discussions that were active in this category. This can sometimes be a bit confusing because you can not see what is happening in the different categories on the first look. Many students, including myself, prefer the "discussions view". In the the "discussions view" you can see the last discussion regardless in which category they have been posted. If you look at the top line of your browsers window yon can read "Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forum" (or if you are on a mobile device "KTVA Singers Forum). Next to it it says "Categories" - "Discussions" - "Activity" - ... Click on "Discussions" and you are in the "discussions view". For me, this view is easier because I can see all the latest things that happened in the forums.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi @Elicap

    I cannot wait to see/hear your singing and what you grow. :)

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