Hi from Sweden!

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Hi everyone! :)

Nice to be here.
I hope I will get to know as many of you as possible. It feels good that it seems like such a family here and it's so awesome that
people from all over the world can participate around an interest like this.

My name is
Jonathan Stromberg and my greatest dream is to become a vocal artist. I come from a small village called Ånge lying in the nothern part of Sweden.I am studying at a music college where my main instrument since september is singing.
I started playing piano when I was little, but then moved on to the trumpet. Then I played mostly guitar and bass until last spring when I discovered what I really want to get involved with, singing.

Two years ago
I happened out of a back injury that changed my life.
I ran into compression fractures and a fracture of the vertebra and also some disc damages that makes me have a constant pain in my everyday life. Many of my great interests such as skiing, hockey, hunting and fishing, and dancing to name a few became impossible and I ended up in a tight situation in our society in terms of work. Luckily, I have the music and my greatest dream of becoming a vocal artist is stronger than ever, and that is why I am joining KTVA in order to become as good as I can possible get and then find a really good school and further my education.

Many thanks in advance and hope we can help each other to be really good here, take care of yourselves!

Yours sincerely
Jonathan Stromberg


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    Thank you for introducing yourself and letting us know a little bit about you. 

    All of us here share with you a love of music and especially singing.  Singing is a way to momentarily forget some of our cares and heartaches and to let our spirits soar on the wings of eagles!


    I am hoping that you are able to take comfort in music and that your injuries do not distract from your ability to pursue the development of your voice.  Take good care of yourself, and make sure you don't overdo the exercises.  You have plenty of time to work on this.

    We're glad you're here, and look forward to sharing this journey together, all of us, from around the world, seeking to build our voices and set our spirits free.



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    Thank you Bob for your kind words! Same to you. I will think about that. Once again, what a joy to be part of this international community :)  Let me know if I can help in any way here.

    Have a great day!

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    FarawayGuyFarawayGuy Pro Posts: 38
    @Jonathan, it's amazing that you are fighting the pain and not giving up and - singing! It's the best example for us having no such troubles how we should behave in difficult situations. I wish you good luck and let your dream come true!!!
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    jonathanjonathan Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 7
    Thank you FarawayGuy it means really much to hear that. Same to you and I wish you the best of luck with your singing.

    Take care and I'm looking forward to see you more in the forum!

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