Hello from the Eastern Shore of Virginia!

Hello Everyone! I'm new to the forum. I just bought the course a couple of days ago. I'm really looking forward to learning from everyone, getting your feedback and refining my voice. I have been singing since I was 8 years old. Mostly Rock & Roll. I've been in several bands over the years and I'm very active in my church. I'm received quite well at church, but my Rock music never went over that well. I was always under the assumption that the voice I was born with WAS my voice. I always tried my best and when people told me I needed voice lessons, I thought they were insulting me and I took offense. I now realize that they were right all along and that true singing is a skill to be acquired and a muscle to be built. So, now I am working hard to truly learn how to sing. I have been studying Ken's free content and practicing his exercises. I saw significant growth & improvement in my voice just from the free content. So, I decided that, before I got too far along, I needed to buy the course so I could follow Ken's teachings properly, from the ground up, learning all the details, in the correct order. I spent most of yesterday downloading and unpacking the course (Thank God that I have fast internet at my place of business!). Definitely feels like starting over. I'm working on giving the Volume 1 videos a once through. I watched about a dozen videos this morning and my head's spinning a little. So much information! Needs to sink in. I'll have to re-watch them multiple times, I'm sure. I'm putting my singing on pause for a couple of days while I get the gist of the content. Then, I'll dive into the exercises, head first! I'm so excited to have this course and be a part of this community! I look forward to getting to know you guys and your awesome voices!


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