Greetings from rural Montana

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Greetings to all at the KTVA forum!

I thought I would join in the forum and give a short introduction to all.

My name is Michael and I have been following Ken and his youtube channel for a while and have wanted to take the plunge and buy his course, which I was finally able to do just a couple of weeks ago. I must say that I have been impressed with the in-depth program that Ken has put together as well as the great help I have seen by the moderators and KTVA students here at the forum. I look forward to taking advantage of all the knowledge that you all share and to growing my voice here with you all.

I am mainly a guitarist and have been studying acoustic and lead guitar for about 6 years. I got started playing for God with the worship team at my church when I lived in Colorado and it was one of the best experiences of my life! A couple of years ago, my wife and I moved to very rural Montana where I had hoped to find a place to serve God on a new worship team. As much as I would like to report that I have succeeded in that, I cannot. The worship scene here is very different than that in Colorado and no one here, except myself, is interested in the excellence that only comes from individual practice and group rehearsal. So despite my best efforts to help the group at the church we are going to, I have decided it best to focus on my own skills, which include my desire to sing along with my guitar playing.

I have a strong background in music, having studied music some in college, where I sang in many choirs. I always sang Bass in the mens section, and always struggled with having such a low register that I never thought I could sing lead. In order to sing the songs I know on guitar, I always had to transpose to a key far from the original, or sing an octave down, or both! I've never taken formal voice lessons and aside from the limited instruction I received in choir, I've never had any direction for my voice, that is, until now. I admit, it's been challenging so far on my journey through Ken's method, but I have already learned a lot and am working my way through the Volume 1 starter exercises.

My goals here are to grow my voice to help me in songwriting for God. I really want to write and sing music for Him and growing my voice toward that end is why I am here. I wrote a song last year that I would share with you (link below) that will give you an idea of where I am starting from. I plan to revisit this recording and refine it quite a bit, and also re-record the vocals using the skills that I hope to gain using Ken's program. Depending on my progress here, I hope to be able to have a before and after of this song that demonstrates the effectiveness of this program!


I am going on a short vacation next week but when I get back, I plan to make a recording of myself doing a couple of the scale exercises in search of feedback and the great advice I have already seen here at this forum. Thanks to all the moderators and forum members who so freely give their time to help those learning how to sing. I have full confidence that one day I can join you all in helping others and gaining the rewards that only come from a giving heart.


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    Welcome, @MichaelWolsey

    You have come to the right place to hone your own vocal skills. Sometimes when we find ourselves frustrated by other's interest in improving, we are best served to look at our own skills and build an even stronger foundation.

    Ken's exercises will give you strength and confidence to increase your own range more to the areas you would like to grow. It's a long road, but it will take you further than you may think possible, if you put in the work.

    I look forward to hearing comparative versions of this same song as you slowly but surely raise the key first one step and then another and so forth. Ken's exercises and techniques will help immensely with that process.

    Your own journey in this quest for excellence may help to inspire others on your team, or the team you are led to eventually find, to find joy and comfort in raising the bar while serving others.

    All the Best!

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    Welcome to the forums Michael, it's good to have you here. :)
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    doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Hello Michael,

    a warm Welcome also from Germany. I am Marco, 48 years old and started singing 10 months ago. You will hear your voice growing enormously.

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    MichaelWolseyMichaelWolsey 2.0 PRO Posts: 2
    Thanks for the warm welcome ya'all! I look forward to working with you.
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    @MichaelWolsey Welcome! It's great to have you!
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