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Beginning to get the cold

VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,588
Runny nose and shivery currently on volume 2 do I continue as normal or do something different. :/



  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Hi George,

    if you have a runny nose but you do not feel any pain in your larynx you can do the exercise a little bit lighter. Don't overdo - sing lightly. The resonance will help to keep your resonators free of mucus. Whenever I had a clogged nose singing helped me to get my sinuses free.

  • VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,588

    Thank you for your advice will continue at a lighter rate, did have some issues yesterday with slight blocked nose. I am eating well plenty fruit, veg and execise so hopefully can get rid of the cold a bit quicker.

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