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The amateur Mandarin Song Covers

Rick_amateurRick_amateur Posts: 1652.0 PRO
Hi everyone! I can't believe that it's been 6 months since I joined this forum. I have learned so much but I know I have a long way to go. After some hesitation, I've decided to start this thread as a way of further improving myself. For those who know me, you have heard me singing English songs. My first language was actually Mandarin but, having moved to Canada at a pretty young age, I ended up being mediocre at both Mandarin and English. However, that hasn't stopped me from singing Mandarin songs since they, at least to me, have a different flavor from songs in other parts of the world.

What's the intention of this thread then? I hope to do my own assignments (hopefully regularly) where I post covers of Mandarin songs in this thread only. I hope to apply what I learned to those covers while also using this opportunity to, hopefully, gauge any improvements I make. I know Mandarin and English can be quite different so I'm curious how certain areas will be change. Do note that a lot of the Mandarin songs I sing are older songs due to this weird clash of what I experienced from growing up in Canada and what my parents brought me up to.

Without further ado, my first cover is a song called Da Hai (大海). Da Hai is Ocean in Mandarin. From my understanding, this song is about how the Ocean holds a lot of our memories and our pain that were washed away over time but never truly forgotten. I don't think I really conveyed the feelings well but maybe one day...

Feel free to give me feedback even if you don't understand the song. I appreciate any advice on my long road to being a decent singer.


  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Posts: 2,284Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management
    Hi @Rick_amateur, mate,

    wow, that is a big surprise. I had no idea that you had an asian background. I always thought that you were a native english speaker because your english seemed to be so very good (for a German, like me).

    It is very impressive to hear you singing in mandarin. And how you performed is really beautiful. I enjoyed that I was not distracted by the lyrics and could concentrate on your singing. Man, your voice grew so good.

    I could copy & paste my comments from the last renditions. If you work on your chest voice, resonance (ping) and support your singing will go through the ceiling.

    And I also want to say this: Rick, I am so happy that you became a contributing member to this community. You take part in every assignment and are giving feedback. That is great. Sometimes I am ashamed that I do not have (take) enough time to give more feedback. You are always reacting to feedback. I hope you will stay with us veeeeeerrrry long. You are dedicated and this is making a difference. I like you, you are a great guy. I hope we will have a lot singing fun together.


  • Rick_amateurRick_amateur Posts: 1652.0 PRO
    Hi @doc_ramadani,

    I spent most of my life in Canada so my English is certainly better than my Mandarin. I also never developed an accent so it's very difficult for people to notice my Asian background.

    Translating the lyrics isn't something I can do very well as my Mandarin has limits. I can read and talk at an intermediate level which isn't good enough to translate sentences into understandable English. Personally, I like to have as little as possible on screen so it's mostly my singing.

    Regarding chest, resonance and support, those are things I'm working on at the moment. As we all know, these things take time so I don't expect an instant positive change immediately. I am allocating more of my practice time on chest so hopefully that will see some improvements in a few months.

    I became a contributing member to this community because it's such a great community. I'm also learning so much from this opportunity. I also know that people have real life so good feedback isn't always possible. Still, I'm getting lots of good feedback that keep me busy in improving. I also intend to stay here for a long time and keep learning. You are also a great guy and I'm glad to have the chance to meet you here. :smile:

  • maximgottmermaximgottmer Posts: 1602.0 PRO
    HI Rick, what a nice suprise this song. Sounds good.
    You can improve on opening the throat and support, to get a free souding voice (as the most of us). Good luck. Maxim
  • Rick_amateurRick_amateur Posts: 1652.0 PRO

    Thanks! I'm working on that throat and support. It's a slow work in progress.
  • Rick_amateurRick_amateur Posts: 1652.0 PRO
    Hi everyone! I had a bit of free time and decided to do this song. It's one of my favorites but sadly I didn't do it justice. There are still so many things I need to work on. I hope to get this done today so that, in the future, I can attempt the song again and hopefully notice some improvements.

    My second cover is a song called Wo shi yi zhi xiao xiao niao (我是一只小小鸟). Why is this one of my favorites? I feel this song really relates to my life. The direct translation of the song name is: I'm a small bird. The first two lines of the chorus are: I'm a small bird. I want to fly but I can't fly any higher. The song is talking about pursuing a dream but unable to achieve it. In the meantime, you are faced with many challenges along the way. When you're young, you wish to grow up just as a small bird wanting to reach the end of the branches to take flight. Yet, you realized that, once you reached the end, you suddenly become prey to hunters and have no one there to protect you from harm.

    The song also speaks of many sleepless nights when you wonder if only your tomorrow won't get better. You also wonder if happiness is merely a myth that's unattainable in life. Finally, you have a tough decision in life when it comes to your dream. Do you choose to cave into life's pressure or hold onto your dignity and keep pursuing your dream? At our critical moment, we cannot have both. This is more or less the meaning I got from translating the lines. Overall, I really enjoy the song due to the meaning behind it.

  • sagemacgsagemacg Posts: 2022.0 PRO
    edited July 5
    Thank you for posting these! I can't offer feedback that you aren't already aware of, but it's really cool to hear these tracks in Mandarin and to read your commentary on their meaning. They sound so much more poetic than english pop. My thanks to you for sharing these with us :) :star:
  • Rick_amateurRick_amateur Posts: 1652.0 PRO

    I do notice how songs with very different languages have their own styles, even if they have similar genres. It's rather interesting when you get a chance to listen to songs in other languages and get a feel of what they have. I'm just happy you liked listening to them. :smile:
  • Rick_amateurRick_amateur Posts: 1652.0 PRO
    At this point, it feels like I'm doing this as a weekly thing. I do enjoy singing these so it's not a chore. However, these do show how much more work I need to put into my singing. The improvements will hopefully happen a step at a time.

    My third cover is called Peng You (朋友) and the song name literally translates to Friend. The song doesn't seem very complex but I usually find the simpler songs packing a lot more meaning. As the title suggests, this song is about friendship. It starts off speaking of walking alone through the wind and rain while experiencing mistakes and teary moments. You will then recall during your loneliness the times you were loved and wonder about the dreams you once had.

    We then reach the chorus where it starts off by stating that: Friends walk together forever and those days never return. All we have is a promise that lasts a lifetime and friendship that's solidified over a cup of beer/wine. Next, we have: Friend are never alone and you will know when you hear the word friend. You will have wounds and pain but you will keep going knowing that you still have me.

    For the meaning, this is the best I can come up with. Most of it is literally line by line translation but I think what I typed above makes sense.

  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Posts: 2,284Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management
    Hi Rick, my diligent comrade,

    that was very nice. To me, and that is my personal opinion, it sounds that you are closing down the the sound as higher as you go. Try to do the opposite. Watch Volume 2 vids. on vowel modifications. They might help you. And I want to hear you with a bright "PING", Rick


    PS.: your progress is very, very goof. Congrats, mate!
  • Rick_amateurRick_amateur Posts: 1652.0 PRO
    Hi @doc_ramadani ,

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm just trying something that I saw in Volume 3 regarding the breathe control where I'm trying not use as much air as before. After you recommended support and mentioned me using too much air, I've been working on better air control. It's a weird situation where I think I need more practice before I can figure it out. I understand the importance of that ping but I also want to avoid using so much air whenever I sing to avoid drying out my chords. I guess I still have a long way to go nonetheless. Thanks for listening!

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