Hi Everyone...I'm Dan from Canada

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Hello all,   I'm Dan Tiffin living up in Ontario, Canada (which has been pretty chilly lately).    I got Ken's program a few weeks ago and went through most of the videos once, and now have gone back to reviewing the 1st series and using the practice warm up for beginners. I've already been singing for awhile mostly for fun and occasionally attempting to write some songs. I've already noticed some improvement since starting the course, so thanks already Ken.  I'd say my major issues right now seem to be the need to build smoother bridging, and I also seem to have a problem if I need to add any "aggressive" style singing to what I'm doing which makes my throat tight and quickly sore, so I must be doing it incorrectly. I mostly like 70's rock and Alt/Grunge rock, so it makes it frustrating when I can only do the lighter phrases well in the songs.

I was going to post a sample. It would have been a Karaoke version of "everlong" by foofighters, but when I tried to upload it to soundcloud I got a message about song rights, and they wouldn't let me post it. I'm thinking because I recorded what I performed in Cubase and mixed it down internally that the copy right stuff is embedded in the file even when I do a new mix down.

Cheers All.........


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    Hi, Dan!

    Welcome to the KTVA Forum.  We're glad to hear from you. 

    You may have noticed from the lessons that Ken recommends backing off the intensity and singing very lightly when you are having issues with bridging.  Don't worry, it's just in the beginning that you have to do it lightly.  Lightening up on the air pressure and volume until your passagio is smoothed out will help to imbed the feeling of easing through the vocal break without a break!  As this begins to feel more normal for you, you can then slowly, but surely start to add a little more intensity, until your voice gets totally stable going through the passagio at any volume or intensity. 

    Also, don't get too frustrated by your present inability to belt out the more aggressive stuff.  That, also, will come in time.  Your voice will grow more than you ever thought possible if you will resolve to follow Ken's instructions and put forth all the time and effort it takes to make this happen.

    Do review the videos periodically, and do your workouts five or six days a week!

    Nice to meet you!


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    Welcome Dan.  Stay warm and practice plenty.  The program provides a great roadmap for your success.  -KennyB
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    Thanks for advice highmtn, I've noticed the bridge problem and "speed bumps" seem to go hand and hand. I'm working on feeling the sensation that you guys speak off when things go right. Every once in awhile I feel something that is a bit different or better, so I think I'm headed the right way. Progress seems to be a a real persistence and patience game. Also. Hello Kenbo and thanks for encouragement.

    Dan T
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