Hello Everyone \m/

My Name is Mathieu I'm From Québec City Qc, Canada I'm a French Canadian and I'm a 29 years Old Brickslayer/Masonry Worker who was always fascinate for music, But My fascination grown to Passion When I was 18yr and someone Start to share Witj me His passion for Metal and Hardcore music and then I realize My knowledge was kind of limited about this subject so Since then I always try to expend this in everyway that is possible, most of the people I met where passionnate but mostly
Categorize heyself As One or few Type of Music. I DECIDED to listen everything Cause I think every piece of Art require an attentive look that how I could be able to find myself in every song that come to my ear and find something that catche my attention, the melody , the voice pf the singer, percussion, a background effect name it, I mostly found something attractive in every kind of music by taking the time of listening the full song from Start to beginning... After couple of year of Intensive Guitar hero playing I thought if I put all time Time on real instrument I we maybe not be an Expert But able to make something good With, So at the age of 20 I bought an electric Bass Guitar on Ebay, few years later, I started taking singing lesson and alway try To improve My Voice and singing Technique since then so Here I am folk🤘


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