Thank You Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

I've been singing since I was eight years old but I didn't know how to sing from any other place than my chest. Neither did I understand how to increase my vocal range or stay on pitch and in key until I purchased this course. I must admit, I was skeptical in the beginning because other internet vocal coaches promise you all kinds of results. But I took a change, and oh boy am I glad I did. Just tonight at rehearsal as we were going over an old song (but completely new to me). My musical director said to me, "You are holding it down." She has never paid me a compliment. And all I've been doing is the diaphragmatic support and vocal exercises. I haven't gotten into the meat of this course yet and I'm already receiving complements on my vocals skills. It's truly stated..."the proof is in the singing." Thank you Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, you rock!


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