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Singing while playing guitar

Hi everyone! I am a singer/songwriter and play shows. People have told me that I sing a lot better when I'm not playing guitar at the same time. Other than practicing a lot, are there any tips anyone can offer on how to project my voice more while playing guitar?


  • blondiewalesblondiewales Posts: 483Pro
    Hey. I have a live act where I play guitar and sing. Learn the singing part and the guitar part well independently, then learn what vocal note goes with which beat on the guitar. For a great test, try playing and singing to a drum track or click track. Remember that the goal is to internalize the melody and rhythm so that it feels natural when you're performing. If you're having fun and feeling the pocket, the audience will love it.
  • RadiantdivideRadiantdivide Posts: 22.0 PRO
    Thank you! I will try that!
  • Jourdan11Jourdan11 Posts: 852.0 PRO
    @Radiantdivide do you not play into a PA? If so just have someone help you adjust your levels. If you are playing without a PA, you could always try using a lighter pick. I don't know your playing style, but its easy to strum to hard and loud with a heavy pick. I use a light pick for songs that I mainly strum, and then a medium or heavy pick when I'm picking. Its important to get the dynamics down on your guitar playing. You don't always need to be playing it at max volume. Just as you wouldn't always sing that way.

    @blondiewales has a very good point of practicing the two separately. It is also really helpful to practice with a metronome. Even if your just singing, try using the metronome. :smile:
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