MikiO, starting ´without’ chest voice and a tight throat

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Hi All,

I joined yesterday, watched the first videos for the first time .. very early ..

My whole life I was weak, but in the last year, after following a increased protein, body building type diet I was actually able to gain strength and it had a massive impact on my energy levels.

I am a guitarist and found that I could commit to focused technique exercises over long periods and noticeably improve in every way.

I also picked up ear training 3 months ago and have seen slow but steady progress.

This is te context and trying to sing the scales, and always having a tight neck and getting quickly hoarse, and advice from a teacher made me look towards singing lessons.

Luckily I started Wim Hof breathing also 3 months ago and have even incorporated diaphragmatic breathing at the end of each Wim Hof Merhod session.

Still, I can say that diaphragmatic singing is completely new to me. I believe I always sang with a lot of tension in my throat.

As I was looking around I tried some exercises and workouts I found on YouTube and after one such warm up, trying one of my old songs, I noticed - for the first time - that my stomach actually engaged, that my chest actually resonated - no lies, I am not exaggerating - this was the first time I experienced that sensation - about one week ago!

The next day that ability was gone again ..

And then I found Ken Tamplin, and the reviews got me excited, and the immediate emphasis on diaphragmatic breathing makes me believe that I am at the right time at the right place.

Thank you!!


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