Hello from Germany :)

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Hi there :)

This is Manuela from Germany.
Short bio: 44y, mother of 2 (now grown-ups), self-employed

I am just/only an amateur but passionate singer. Did sing a lot when I was younger... but the last 20 years I did not really find "time" for it. Don´t know... maybe its because I am a bit shy? :D So I did/do not really want anyone to hear me singing and thats not easy with kids at home.
But now I live alone in my house and a few months ago my dog passed away. After that I found my comfort in singing.... so now I am back :)

Don´t know what you think about smule, but I found it and think its quite good for me to check out my singing and... fun fact: I don´t mind when other people listen to me there as long as I don´t know them in person :D
Unfortunately I have to re-learn... because my range was much better when I was younger, though I never had voice/singing lessons. Always wanted to but never found one in the area I lived 30 years ago.
Startet Google and found Ken on youtube <3 Thank you for all the videos. I hope it will help me in future. Thats also why I signed in to this forum. Unfortunately I have to save money first before buying any of the lesson packages.
2019 was not the best year for me *lol

So I am looking forward to 2020 and you and this community :)


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