Hello from Germany :)

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Hi there :)

This is Manuela from Germany.
Short bio: 44y, mother of 2 (now grown-ups), self-employed

I am just/only an amateur but passionate singer. Did sing a lot when I was younger... but the last 20 years I did not really find "time" for it. Don´t know... maybe its because I am a bit shy? :D So I did/do not really want anyone to hear me singing and thats not easy with kids at home.
But now I live alone in my house and a few months ago my dog passed away. After that I found my comfort in singing.... so now I am back :)

Don´t know what you think about smule, but I found it and think its quite good for me to check out my singing and... fun fact: I don´t mind when other people listen to me there as long as I don´t know them in person :D
Unfortunately I have to re-learn... because my range was much better when I was younger, though I never had voice/singing lessons. Always wanted to but never found one in the area I lived 30 years ago.
Startet Google and found Ken on youtube <3 Thank you for all the videos. I hope it will help me in future. Thats also why I signed in to this forum. Unfortunately I have to save money first before buying any of the lesson packages.
2019 was not the best year for me *lol

So I am looking forward to 2020 and you and this community :)


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    Huhu Manuela,

    Marco, father of 4, self-employed, aus dem Wilden Süden (Nahe Ulm). :smile:

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    Uh that was fast :smiley:
    Well... I am a bit more north... near Bielefeld (no jokes please ;) )
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    hi Manuela, glad you found this course and forum, it is the best place to learn about singing. sorry to hear about your dog! the more you sing, the less shy you will be about it, especially when you can tell you are getting better.

    while you save money for the course, may I suggest that you check out my routine of free YT videos, I did this before I bought the course for a few weeks, and it really helped (I made up the order myself, so it is not written in stone, and you can tweak it according to your needs):

    do it daily, taking one or two days off per week to rest your voice, and see what happens :)

    greetings from Berlin!
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    Yes thank you <3

    I already saw quite a few of them and there are still sooooooooooo many videos to go :open_mouth:
    Don´t know yet which of them are my favorites. Before I really start practicing, I want to learn some more.. before doing something wrong ... ehm... well... more than I do now :D

    Oh.. and I have to find out what my voice is really like. I am afraid, that I have a very low voice for a woman. So I struggle in the high notes of some songs. But I couldn´t find out why its easy for me to sing song x.. and hard for the xy song. But I guess I have to open a new discussion for this.
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    don't worry, the whole process of leasrning to sing is making mistakes and correct them. so you can start right now. there is not going to be the one moment where you are ready. you have to take the plunge so to speak. doing something is better than not doing anything! :)

    if you name two examples for song x and y we can actually try to figure out why that is.

    the forum is really casual, and this sort of "formal" stuff isn't really an issue here
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    Welcome @shining It's great to have you here!
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    Ah ok.. I see. Thank you, I guess you are right and I shouldn`t wait :)

    Okay, than I try to explain what I am wondering about my voice:
    I can sing quite low (others say that)... and beside of that, sometimes it sounds low in general... without any problem in the higher notes:
    (sorry.. most of the songs are duets.. some without a duet partner... so just please scroll forward in that case)

    and than I have problems to get the higher notes, like here for example:

    and sometimes my voice is brighter like here... and I have no problem with the higher notes again:

    And I would love to sing this one.. but I struggle in the highs (tried not to switch to head voice but failed) :(

    Sorry, I only have recordings on smule yet. Have no microphone and still have to use the headphones and mic of my smartphone.

    What do you think? Is my "natural" voice too low?
    Why I am asking that? Because Ken says in his videos, that you should know your chest voice first before increasing the vocal range. But what is my voice like...? :confused:
    Or is it that some of the songs are to high for me and I should face the truth that I can not sing every song I would love to?

    Oh I forgot:
    And... sometimes I get kind of "bored" of my own voice. It always sounds so "nice and charming" or "whining". I love different kinds of music, most of all rock and don´t want to sing boring ballads all the time :D So I would also like to sing more.. how can I say... rough? (sorry for my english)

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    oh wow, you sound really good! i don't think it's too low. i think your tone is really nice.

    what Ken likes to stress is that regular exercising helps sing better CONSISTENTLY, maybe this is what you are experiencing. that you have fluctuations, and days where you reach higher notes easier, and days where it doesn't work quite as well.

    i think for the rock stuff you want to sing Ken is definitely the best teacher. but don't give up on the ballads completely, that would be a shame! :)
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    @sophia @Vocality @coffeecrank @WendyJane

    These are a few of the students I think use Smule as well. I've tagged them so maybe you can sing together some time.

    Welcome to the forum 🙂
  • I've never used Smule, but I listened to your recordings. I hope I can reassure you on some points. :)

    First, there is no such thing as 'a low voice for a woman'. Each of us has a unique voice, and there is nothing wrong with being most at ease at lower pitches. I'm not very familiar with the technical names, but I would guess you are an alto. There is nothing unusual or worrying about that. :)

    Ken teaches us to grow a strong chest voice first as a foundation, gently stretching it over time so we can manage increasingly higher pitches. Later, we grow our head voice and then bring it down, while still training our chest voice. This eventually gives us a large range of notes over which our chest and head voices overlap, and we can choose what percentage of each to use. All of this takes time. So there is no truth to face, except that you have a current range which might not let you sing all the songs you want. But this is only your current range, and it doesn't have to remain like that.

    Putting character and personality in our voices comes from practice. We learn all the techniques, and then experiment with them to see what effect each has. Our voices also have their own unique qualities that come from our personalities and mood. The gritty distortion used in rock music is something that needs to be trained safely, and Ken does teach it. Learning it is one of the main motivators for many of the students taking his course.
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    @Sophia thanks! I keep getting the singing apps mixed up 😊
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    Thank you all for your feedback and infos <3

    Seems like I have a lot of things to do and learn in the upcoming year :)

    So for today I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year 2020!!!
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    Hi @shining

    Welcome to the KTVA couse from the UK I am 45 been on the course just over a year now, it's great to have you here and your going to like how your singing will improve.

    I don't use smule most of my demos use youtube and sometime Twitch Sings.

    Vocality :)
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    @shining Welcome to the forums! :) There are a lot of helpful people here, this is such a great place for us singers. Im glad you are finding comfort in singing, thats what it's all about. I hope to see you around :)

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    I am missing something like a "thank you"-button here !

    So again: Thank you all for your warm welcome :heart:

    In the meantime... I couldn´t resist the great NewYears Sale from KTVA and just bought the Pro Pack. :blush:
    I am soooo excited !!!!
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    Hey that's awesome! I guess welcome again🙂 once you receive the course follow these instructions to get you student access.

  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,107
    great decision, you will definitely like it. looking forward to hearing more from you!
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    Klaus_T said:

    great decision, you will definitely like it.

    Yes, I hope so :D
    Today was the first day I found enought time to go through vol1 part 1... and I have to admit: its harder than I expected :D But I am happy about it because it tells me that it was the right decision to finally learn how to do it correctly :)
    Klaus_T said:

    looking forward to hearing more from you!

    Me too :D<3
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    Hi @shining,

    great to see that you decided to get the course. For me it was the best investment I ever did in myself.

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    Hi everyone. I listened @shining. If is she beginner, so I am in this case monkey on the tree. Greeting from Prague.
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    Wow @shining - you have a very nice sultry voice. Things can only get better now, right? Enjoyed listening to your performances.
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    @shining you are very cool mother of 2. I've heard you in Smule now multiple times, and even had the privilege of you dueting with me. Danke :smile:
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    Ohhh :blush: thank you so much for your kind words! :love:
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    @shining Hallo! Herzlich willkommen zu dem KTVA Foren!
    Ich heiße Diego und komme aus Honduras. Ich lerne gerade Deutsch.

    Hope that was enough for a little introduction. My german still sucks. But I guess I can make simple sentences.
    Haha. Welcome!
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    Hola Diego :smiley: Thats the only thing I know in spanish.. so don´t mind. Your german was perfect ;)

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    Hi @shining, I love your voice, your tone and phrasing and show sultry and smoky your voice is.. Wow :smiley:

    I cannot wait to hear more of your singing as you progress.

    Have you ever sung any Suzi Quatro?

    Fever - Suzi Quatro

    Your Mama Won't Like Me - Suzi Quatro

    Amazing cannot wait to hear more

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