Hi there, straight outta Norway! :)

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Just joined there forums because Ken answered my Youtube comment asking anybody who has bought the course if it was worth it. He said the forums was open to join.

My name is Klaus and I'm a full time musicproducer/studioengineer/Dj from Norway and i'm an Hobby artist. My main genre is Hip-Hop and my main focus is on rap, but i've also sung choruses of my own and others songs. The only problem is my singing according to my self does not sound good at all. All the singers i work with sound way better even with seemingly no theory or training sessions. Just by singing all their life.

I want to change this and lately i've been trying to train my voice every single day. Some of the information in the free videoes from Ken on youtube confuse me. Like open throat technique with flat tounge. Because of this Corona stuff my tour has been cancelled since all sorts of gatherings no longer are allowed in Norway so money is quite short right now.

How helpfull will the course be for a sort of intermidiate rapper/singer who might want to do some pure singing/cover giggs one day for some extra income?

My plan is to post afew videoes on the forums here where i try hard to deliver an OK performance and if people trash my technique and tell me that i'm doing things totally wrong. Then i guess i'm sold.

Hi there btw! :)

Just a snapchat video from this morning (Silver haired daddy - Jim Reeves):

Another one testing the range:


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    What you actually need to provide is the lah scales in chest and bridging for evaluation. That’s what everyone on here will tell you. Sorry I haven’t had a chance to listen to your songs yet. I’ll listen later
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    By the way my favorite band is from Norway!!!!
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    What you actually need to provide is the lah scales in chest and bridging for evaluation. That’s what everyone on here will tell you. Sorry I haven’t had a chance to listen to your songs yet. I’ll listen later

    It's not songs. Just snapchat videoes i saved. Scales as in the one Ken has on YT?
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    I didn't check the video before recording. I believe i remember it beeing kinda like this:

    He did also talk alout about "ping" and "Bright tone" beeing important.

    (I do not have perfect pitch and i constantly need input from a source for my relative pitch to update. So if i start in a certain key and go upwards, if i miss on the 6th note in the scale then i have forgot the Tonic. Guess most people without perfect pitch has it like that.)
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    Tried to listen to your stuff the only link that worked was silver haired daddy
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    Just try again. I just tested them again. They work. IPhoneusers might experience issues.
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    Yeah I’m an iPhone lol. Just got the first and last ones to work now but I’ll defer to my previous comment give the Ken scales a quick record and people will probably evaluate it. My favorite part was the oh shit note. Oxygen!!!!
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    You actually sound pretty good to me. I'm a beginner and you have a wealth of musical experience behind you. The course goes from beginner to advanced so I'm sure the's stuff in the more advanced sections that would help you sharpen your technique. From what I can see you have good breath support and are singing with an open throat, have good control and can move from chest voice to head voice smoothly. There's definitely tons to learn beyond that though, I'm just a beginner. :)

    Anyone else can feel free to correct me if they feel. :)
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    No-one is going to trash your performance here, rather we try to give constructive criticism so that you have some thing to walk away with to try and improve upon, instead of just being told nope no good and no further explanation.

    This course works for me, and I think it can work for everybody if they are willing to allow it to. You really need to be disciplined in your practice and follow Kens instructions carefully. Ive only ever known Kens methods, but I hear that they are quite different from others, The first thing you will need to do is leave everything you think you know at the door. Some of his course might be familiar, others the flip side of the coin.

    I think you already have a good base line to start, this course can help you achieve your goals in a safe way and quicker than just watching the YouTube videos. There are also more advanced techniques further in the course that will help your rapping as well, mainly being how to conserve air and not run out like you did on the scale video :smile: for those really long phrases.
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