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Been following along via YouTube for about a year. Great free information and all the inspiration anyone could ever need!

I am new to singing. I was a pro touring drummer since the 90’s before a car wreck put me on permanent disability. Along with the physical injuries I now have a speech issue tremors and mandibular dystonia. While my speech sorta sucks, I don’t have those issues when I sing. Lip rolls are another story though... can’t get those going since the accident.

Anyway my occupational therapist says that vocal exercises will help. Any other aspiring singers with speech issues with advice, thanks in advance for sharing!

I would like to share a sample of a song I wrote and recorded. It’s one of the first times I recorded myself singing. Feedback is appreciated.

Thanks KT and co. For all the great info and inspiration! Looking forward to seeing what kind of stuff you all are sharing on the forums!

How does one post audio an attachment?
EDIT: Looks like the simplest way is to just link a soundcloud file. Feel free to check the link, and if you have constructive feedback Im all ears.


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