Hey from Niagara Falls Canada

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Been following along via YouTube for about a year. Great free information and all the inspiration anyone could ever need!

I am new to singing. I was a pro touring drummer since the 90’s before a car wreck put me on permanent disability. Along with the physical injuries I now have a speech issue tremors and mandibular dystonia. While my speech sorta sucks, I don’t have those issues when I sing. Lip rolls are another story though... can’t get those going since the accident.

Anyway my occupational therapist says that vocal exercises will help. Any other aspiring singers with speech issues with advice, thanks in advance for sharing!

I would like to share a sample of a song I wrote and recorded. It’s one of the first times I recorded myself singing. Feedback is appreciated.

Thanks KT and co. For all the great info and inspiration! Looking forward to seeing what kind of stuff you all are sharing on the forums!

How does one post audio an attachment?
EDIT: Looks like the simplest way is to just link a soundcloud file. Feel free to check the link, and if you have constructive feedback Im all ears.


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    The song itself is pretty cool. To get a good vocal assessment though its preferred if you can load a raw scale of the ah vowel. Its much easier for us to hear your actual voice that way :smile:

    One thing I will say about the singing, experiment with hanging the vowel before the R instead of the R itself.

    Welcome to the forum mate, I see you've already dug around a little bit :smile:
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    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Welcome @singbetter67 ! I am also originally from Niagara Falls, Ontario!! Small world! I'm sorry to hear about your accident, I look forward to hearing more of your singing! Definitely post some raw "ah" scales like @Wigs suggested. :)
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    That's very cool, @jaclynser! thanks for the feedback. I recorded a session in Logic to allow me to practice scales to a click while I work on drum patterns. It's great fun trying to split my brain up and hit a few goals at once. I'll be getting my new studio toys next week and I'll get something up next week.
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    @WIGS @jaclynser
    Better late than never, right?
    Anyway, here's my "ah Vowel" sample raw.
    Look forward to your feedback. :)
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    Hey there @singbetter67

    Welcome here mate! Lot's to learn here. Quite the story you got there, inspiring to read.

    About your scales; are you playing the scales yourself?

    Happy singing!

    grtz Wouter
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    Hey @Wouter595 Great to meet you!
    No i just grabbed it quick off of youtube and loaded it into Logic. I panned the piano to about 11 o'clock and my Ah vowel to 1 O'clock to separate them.
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    Hey @singbetter67

    same, nice meeting you! Ok nice, thought it sounded different then how the scales in the course sound. So you know how to record and stuff?
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    @Wouter595 yeah, I dont yet have the course. I'm ordering it this week ( fingers x'd) just waiting for a benefit from my insurance co. to be paid out...
    I've always dabbled in digital recording since way back in the digital performer days. I thought I was all that and a bag of all dressed chips with my 16gb of RAM hahaha

    I'm real comfortable in Logic and I have a decent little setup in my tiny home/RV that I converted. Winters sorta suck but whatever... I get to rock out.
    When my touring career as a drummer was rudely interrupted by a neurological injury, I took to writing and recording. With nobody around to sing my originals I swallowed my balls and stepped in front of a mic here in the safety of my little tin can and did the best I could. I learn something new about production literally every time I power up and it keeps me motivated. Theres an original I recorded on my profile somewhere that was like the first time I tried to perform a rock song.
    What I realized was that the saying "fortune favours the bold" is a pretty accurate cliche. The bolder I get in trying to convey the emotion behind the lyric, the better I feel about it, whether there's things I wished I'd approached a different way or whatever. If it came from the gut, I can live with it.
    Soon, I'll be able to apply myself to the course material, and get closer to some of those vocal goals I have. Right now, I'm taking @Klaus_T up on his offer to just use the resources on his profile.

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    @singbetter67 ,

    Hope the benefits pays out. If you can afford it, it's great value for the money. Also, as a bonus, you get acces to the students-only part of the forum. Wich has tons of info and nice ppl, willing to take the time to provide feedback and reflections. The resources at @Klaus_T profile is great stuff to start with!

    I have a friend who is into electronic dance music (EDM), he can compose some decent stuff. He allready asked for a demo, but that's a lil to soon for me, but who knows, it's great to set goals. And for me the purpose of singing is to just express my voice (literally and emotionally). Great asset that you can record and produce.
    The world belongs to bold people who step forward. So why not give it a shot. For me i'ts also about being yourself. Before I turned 40, I was busy with doing what's right and what's expected (Kids/Career etc) Still happily married, partly because my wife felt the same itch. So we both decided tu pursue sonmething for the pure fun of t. that was singing. i couldn't sing (getting etter). My wife can sing and has had lesson for years (so there is a gap), so we tyook up private lessons for a year and a half. And we can connect during singing, especially when you envision and feel what you are singing (happy/Sad/in Love etc).

    I love rock but found out that it's beyond pop singing so that's for later. My wife doesn't like Rock, but does like musicals so we practice toegether it's mostly duets, sometime from the famous musicals.

    Will look up on your profile to listen to the demo. Nice talking to you. Happy singing!

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    @Wouter595 That's awesome dude. Music with a loved one? doesnt get any better... good on ya!!!

    I literally just ordered the course...I wanted the USB key so I gotta wait. I have no idea what Im doing. Im just flippin stoked to get after it!

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    Hey @singbetter67

    Thanks, I am a lucky guy. Great that you ordered the course, now the waiting begins! I'm now for about 7 weeks in. And start to notice a slight difference in the way I sound. So it's worth the wait!

    Happy singing!
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