Terrified of my own voice... but I'm doing it!

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Hi all. I signed up and I my biggest fear is not actually doing the work. I'm so intimidated that I always chicken out of doing anything related to voice training. I think I've wanted to overcome my fear of singing for that last 10 years, but two days ago I bought Ken's course and amazed myself by ACTUALLY doing volume one exercises!!! I was petrified that someone in the house would hear me... but I did it anyway. I noticed that once I put the headphones on and had Ken in my ear I was no longer terrified... just a bit self conscious. I also bought a lock for the door on my study... which definitely helped! :smiley:

And tonight I nearly made some crap excuse to no practice, but I snapped out of it and did it anyway. Fingers crossed I can stick around and run this marathon one step at a time.... but at least I've taken two steps!!!! :smile:

I sing bedtime songs to my boys every night... but I'd love to actually be able to sing... aim for Steve Perry/Freddy Mercury ... land at decent karaoke guy... that'd be amazing!

Any tips for keeping the momentum going or being accountable to continuing practice... ? I'm all ears. The appeal of face to face lessons is that I can book it in on a schedule and then I'm obliged to go. Plus lose money if I don't show. The problem is... now I only want to learn from the church of KTVA! Too bad you don't have KTVA certified instructors :wink:

Hoping to be stalking the forums and chipping away at my practice for years.




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    @brad1983 Hi Brad, and welcome to the forums! Rest assured that here we're all super friendly here, so you don't have to be afraid of us for sure. :) I was very timid at first too when I started a year ago. I generally have confidence issues and am terrified of giant crowds, so I get where you're coming from. That being said, I can't express how much my confidence (at least while singing) went up over the last year as I got better and better. It's something you can't really explain, you have to go through it yourself. Eventually you'll feel comfortable enough singing in front of other people because you'll KNOW you're good, so there would be no need to be afraid anymore. :) I hope it works out for you, although I don't really have any more tips aside from "just keep at it". :)
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    Hey @coffeecrank ! Thanks for the reply. It's super encouraging to hear experiences like yours. Just keep swimming. I like it :smile:
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    @coffeecrank , I just subscribed to your youtube channel. Awesome stuff. Gives me hope.
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    @bradsmith007 Thank you! I'm happy to be inspirational. :)
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    @coffeecrank would you say that you've improved a lot since you started? Like, could you hold a tune before you started KTVA? I just recorded myself singing for the first time ever in my life at it's terrible.... I simply don't seem to know what to do with my voice! lol But I did read from one of the moderators here somewhere that you should record yourself all the times if possible... because surely one day I'll look back from a different skill level and appreciate how far I've come. :smiley:
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    Just make yourself get started every day. Starting is often the hardest part. Once you have begun, stick with it, and get through it. It gets easier. Get past that inertia of not having started. Then just keep going. This stuff will gradually begin to take hold and sink-in.

    Do it!


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    @bradsmith007 Yeah, I started at a pretty good spot already, I just never really learned pro singing. I sang some karaoke when I was 17, then I didn't really sing past 20, and at 33 I went back and found KTVA. :) I didn't take any other courses, so can't really compare, but the results are telling me this was a great decision. I get better every month, noticeably. Like 3 months ago I couldn't manage full chest voice in "Bohemian Rhapsody", now I can suddenly. My next goal is to sing it end to end without losing breath. :)

    So part of the reason why you think you sound bad is that we tend to hate it when we're not used to our own voice. It's a common thing among singers, everyone (or nearly everyone) starts at that. Now when I go back I can tell my voice was decent, but back then... Man, I hated it! I thought it was horrible, nasal, couldn't stand it. :D It's normal. It of course depends on your level too, but don't feel scared to continue just because you're not a rock star already. You'll get there faster than you think, just gotta invest time and effort. This course is paying off, all it needs from you is... your blood. :tongue: Joking.

    When someone says "talented singer", I always think about math. People assume math is the kind of thing where you need "natural talent" as well. No one actually thinks that you can be good at math by spending all those bloody hours doing it. And boy, are they seriously wrong. Math, just like singing, just like ANY profession and hobby, takes time and effort. Same with anything. When you see a singer on stage, your first natural reaction is "wow, I'm not as talented as them, I'll never be like it". Natural, but not true. Their "talent" is a result of many hours spent honing their craft. They just don't talk about this, but you'll find plenty of these stories on this forum. It's really inspirational, this is why you should stick around on the forum, it's a big part of KTVA, and I feel many people truly want you to succeed. :)

    Something worth mentioning: there is actual talent, it's when you start at a better point than someone and learn at a faster rate due to some particular aspects of your body/voice. BUT I'm a strong believer you can still be incredibly good without being a wonder kid. Yes, maybe you won't be Freddie Mercury, but I'm gonna quote my bf on this (regarding math): "If the only acceptable result would be me getting a Fields Medal [it's like winning Grammy's in music], I might as well just stop and never do math". He's pretty good at this, but he's by no means a genius. And it's okay.

    When you're ready for critique/evaluation from others, feel free to post something here. Or just ask for advice. Or just browse all this information on different volumes etc. It's an invaluable source.

    Eventually I'm planning to take a lesson or two with Ken, but so far I haven't felt the need to, there's a whole well of knowledge here, still unexplored. :)
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    Hi! Welcome to the forum! There is a lot to learn about, discuss etc. here. Have a look around. :)

    All the best,

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    Thanks @highmtn ! Well, I just hit 4 days. One foot in front of the other! :smiley:
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    Thanks, @bentk There certainly is a lot! Looking for some more before / after success stories, especially guys, right now.
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    Hey @coffeecrank, I love that. I feel like a decent amount of desensitization will no doubt change the fear of hearing my own voice. I can already feel some of that happening after 4 days, so that's nice.

    My new goal is to sing Happy Birthday. lol Baby steps.
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