Terrified of my own voice... but I'm doing it!

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Hi all. I signed up and I my biggest fear is not actually doing the work. I'm so intimidated that I always chicken out of doing anything related to voice training. I think I've wanted to overcome my fear of singing for that last 10 years, but two days ago I bought Ken's course and amazed myself by ACTUALLY doing volume one exercises!!! I was petrified that someone in the house would hear me... but I did it anyway. I noticed that once I put the headphones on and had Ken in my ear I was no longer terrified... just a bit self conscious. I also bought a lock for the door on my study... which definitely helped! :smiley:

And tonight I nearly made some crap excuse to no practice, but I snapped out of it and did it anyway. Fingers crossed I can stick around and run this marathon one step at a time.... but at least I've taken two steps!!!! :smile:

I sing bedtime songs to my boys every night... but I'd love to actually be able to sing... aim for Steve Perry/Freddy Mercury ... land at decent karaoke guy... that'd be amazing!

Any tips for keeping the momentum going or being accountable to continuing practice... ? I'm all ears. The appeal of face to face lessons is that I can book it in on a schedule and then I'm obliged to go. Plus lose money if I don't show. The problem is... now I only want to learn from the church of KTVA! Too bad you don't have KTVA certified instructors :wink:

Hoping to be stalking the forums and chipping away at my practice for years.




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