2 covers of Brother by Matt Corby and The Way by Fastball for my film Since 8.

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Hello all, this is the second song I will be using for my next video. I feel this is pretty much complete unlike the other one by fast ball I posted. I have been slowly plugging away at it and the vocals were recorded over 4 days and probably 2 or 3 days mixing it in garage band. My deadline for the video release date is in a few days on the 26th of June, any input on what I should tweak or change, any general comments are appreciated.

The song itself I think was his first hit and single, (we did "Resolution" for an assignment ages ago) and its about a friendship he had that he destroyed by sleeping with his best friends ex. To this day I dont think they talk. Although the circumstances are not the same, its fitting for me because my best friend and I are no longer mates, and its a song we used to sing together at karaoke. We have a difference of opinion that we cannot overcome and ive known him since I was 8 years old. The video that I shot was before all this happened so instead of a celebration of friendship, its turned into a farewell and its been very emotionally draining. The footage that you see is exactly what will be in the video just without all the voice over. As you can guess Im an avid rock climber :smile:

I had to take down the song 4 steps because the original goes almost up to my limit and I just wouldn't do it justice.

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I took this out of the student area since ive finished with both songs. This is the other cover of The Way by Fastball. We used to listen to this alot when we were in high school.

And if anyone is interested, this is a link to the full film. Its almost 40mins long, so beware!


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    @Chris82 @Gunnar364 @bradsmith007 @DogMeat @AaronChristie @FurryMurry

    Also anyone else that happens across this as well or that Ive left out.
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    This really sounds complete to me! Professionally sounding vocals, good mix quality, nice volume balance. And yeah, really amazing job on the vocals, I wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't your own song... Fells pretty spot on.

    Ah, friendships... This resonates with me quite a bit. I had this best friend since high school for 4-5 years, and then things just fell apart. First he developed non-friendly feelings for me which I didn't reciprocate, and later on he got a job at my dream company while I didn't, and I wasn't able to overcome my own jealousy (he liked bragging about it a LOT and still works there). At some point I stupidly blocked him everywhere, and that was about it. We've never spoken since.
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    @wigs I see what you mean the original is pretty high in the range, like the warm mellow sound you put into the song nicer than the original in my opinion and overall pretty solid rendition. Maybe apply little grit into the song in the higher parts maybe. (Don't fancy climbing those cliffs :D )

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    Thanks for your thoughts @coffeecrank , it feels like ive let go of some of the last parts of my childhood, but onwards and upwards from here now! Im glad the vocals fit well, its something that took alot of time, I had to borrow my girlfriends ears after a while because I was just becoming numb to it :smile:
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    Cheers @Vocality , I dont think my compression would be up to scratch for the higher parts, since this is going full public I wanted to make sure I was right in my sweet zone (somewhere in volume 1 Ken says not to air your dirty laundry and sing within your range for a performance). My end goal is to be able to sing the song in its original key, lets see how I go a year from now!
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    Sounds great. Nice mix, nice tone. Smart that you took it down a few keys. I really think that's the way to go...sing the song in your range (there was debate about this on the forum a while ago). The only thing I can critique was a minor pitch stray at 1:57 on "my".

    Cool video too!

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    I just got my new pair of headphones so I waited with a reply :D
    I really dig the beginning, even though You're not singing that low I could hear a nice almost bassy-like, pleasant experience, tone and resonance in this part is awesome. I wonder how You would do in a song that's generally in a lower key - if I remember correctly most stuff that I listened from You was higher pitch.
    Production wise, I don't hear anything to improve, since I will start to explore it this week (I will finally record something ;p )

    PS. I wish I had your grip strenght haha
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    @Michael4000 Yeah its fun to stretch my capabilities doing song assignments or stuff that's going to stay in the student area, Ive so far stayed in the original key for all of those, public stuff will be in my tessitura. Thanks for listening.

    @wojtek Alot of people commented in my beginning that I was a tenor, I never bothered too much with exploring it to be honest but I did enjoy the challenge and excitement of my upper range because of my new found ability to access it. After a year once my resonance really started to grow I found myself gravitating more towards lower stuff like Johnny cash. When I started I could barely do the low notes at the start of scales. I did bump up the frequency around the 5k a couple DB to really accentuate the richer tone. I turned up the mic quite alot and sang those parts very softly, then turned up the gain in post. Im still learning about all this stuff as well. Its alot of time consuming fun!
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    @Wigs, that was awesome dude! I seriously forgot that I was listening to a "student demo" for a good portion of the song... I was caught up by watching the video and just thought I was listening to a pro song backing track! :lol:
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    @bradsmith007 that's a big compliment thanks mate 😊
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    This is amazing @Wigs ! Outstanding job on this!
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    Nice one man! Good pitch, emtional delivery, and a touching backstory!
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    @Gunnar364 Thanks mate, the first few time I recorded this, I didn't get the flow right and the emotion of the story was all over the place.

    Also to everyone in general Ive moved this to the open area now and edited the first post to include the other complete cover I did as well as a link to the full film. Thanks for all the help and suggestions!
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    @FurryMurry in case your interested, here are my 2 tracks after learning a bit about mixing vocals in garage band.
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    Nice to see you, @Wigs! Sorry I'm late to the party :tongue:

    You're an amazing singer! :smile: You did this all in garageband? Very impressive! It sounds very well-produced! I don't use Apple devices, so I don't know anything about garageband. Does it have a compressor? If so, I would use a small amount of compression (with make-up gain) on the main vocal. Especially around 1:43 it will help all the words in that verse to pop out, so that even when you sing more lightly, we could still hear it just as well. It was getting a little difficult to hear a few words, but not too much. You probably already used some compression, but maybe just a tiny bit more would help it stand out, especially against the parts of the song where the instruments are louder. I would say start with just 3dB of gain reduction on the peaks, put on the make-up gain, and see how it sounds.
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    Oh no.. I am so sorry I did not see this earlier :s
    Love you voice here. And it shows me that it makes a huge difference if you sing something with all your emotions. You sound very different to other covers I heard of you yet. And I mean -different- in a very good way! :)
    (And I am a bit jealous of all the fun and adventures you have :) )
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    @FurryMurry thanks for checking it out, I see you have bought the course now? Good investment! Take your time searching through the forum and getting to know how it all works, there is so much info here. I only recorded the vocals, the music was just karaoke tracks. I did compress them but maybe it was a bit hidden in the mix not sitting. I did turn down the overall DB of the music in the film because of voiceovers so my singing stood out a bit more. I will use the automation/fade next time to create more peaks for my voice to stand a bit more.

    @shining It certainly helps when you have emotional investment and know the song very well. Thankyou 🙂 Singing has taken me on a totally different kind of adventure, one that is more within my self.
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    Sorry this is a really late comment! I've been trying to catch up. This sounded great. I loved the emotion and the grit. Your voice was powerful. The video was very touching also. Wonderful!
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    Thankyou @LumiMoon I'm slowly getting a bit more confident in showing my voice to friends and family, this was the first time I've used my vocals in any of my projects.
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