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Hi y'all Im Chris and I go by my Stage name Chris Robin . I live in good ol' Texas and love to sing. I have like the weirdest voice for a guy. When i speak, i sound like a girl no lie, I sound like Chris Colfer from Glee just a little bit more feminine lol. But hey that is what makes me different and i am proud of that. i sing in the school choir as a Soprano2 but I can sing Bass if i wanted to (but i don't at times). I am also a very talented actor that is inspired by Robin Williams. I am also a writer. I write songs and poetry(one of my poems might be published with an article my teacher is writing on bullying.) My goal is to improve my voice and extend my mid voice because I have lots of trouble with that because i switch to head voice. I am a ginger/auburn just depends on what color you think it is :) I am a chatterbox at times and I am the goof ball in my Choir.  Well this is my introduction :)


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    Welcome to KTVA, Chris.

    We have singers with all kinds of voices here, so you will fit in right where you belong. 

    What is important is that you learn to use your voice properly so it will last you a lifetime of great singing.

    Regardless of what you may have learned about singing in the past, you need to become a blank slate and give Ken your full attention.  Some of what he shows you, you may think you already know or perhaps isn't relevant to you.  Not so.  Everything, especially in the very beginning stages, is totally important!

    Take it all in and let Ken show you how to really grow your voice.

    Ken will show you how to stretch and grow your mid voice, and take it right up there overlapping your head voice.  That's what you want.  It will take a while, and it's a lot of work, particularly the stretching chest part, but you will find it very rewarding when you get it accomplished.

    This is the best singing method, bar none!  Dig in and enjoy!


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    Hi Chris & Welcome to KTVA and this amazing forum!

    I can only agree with Bob, and I don't think I speak only for myself when I say - it's very important to go back and re-evaluate yourself so that you learn the techniques properly in the beginning by recording yourself doing the exercises and also re-watch the videos over and over and over... When you start to think that "You got it" then it's time to re-evaluate again :) 
    I am constantly finding things that I missed or didn't do properly because I didn't pay enough attention to what Ken says.

    The progress you'll make with this method is afaik incomparably. I can only say AMAZING!

    This forum is an amazing source for information and also ask for help/evaluation. Bob, Scott and all others here are doing an amazing job to help out!!

    There you go, 3 (4) Amazings in my post :)

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