Here I am singing an original song on the acoustic guitar. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM WELCOMED!

I am a drummer trying to become a singer/song writer. I have been doing the course for about 7 months now. I really want to grow and become a singer. I know my tone isn't great, my pitch is bad and I deal with phlegm all day every day.



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    So my question is....when you listen to the recording can you tell what’s pitchy?
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    @RedFighterPilot , I've watched a few things you've posted recently and I think your tone is pretty good and unique. Definitely some pitch issues, not sure if you've checked out any of the better pitch videos, or if you have access to a piano that could really help. I'm really new to the course but have always struggled with pitch and find that sitting at the piano an doing pitch drills seems to be helping.

    Also, I really enjoy watching the videos you compose with you as the entire band. Thats really impressive. I wish I had that much musical talent.
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    I can hear some bad notes but not all. if i were to dump this into melodyne then I can see what is bad and try to fix. In other words, my ear isn't trained. I have literally sat behind the drums all my life, I never really payed attention to pitch, always rhythm. Dang it!

    I am adding this after I posted then went back and listened:
    So I can hear somethings are off but i cant tell if its sharp or flat. Something sounds off but oi cant tell if its pitch or tone. This is where I struggle.
  • @Mferrigno
    Thank you for the compliment.

    Honestly I watched the pitch videos 1x, I do have a keyboard, maybe I should try what you suggest, I havent done so simply because i thought all I would be doing is re-creating the exercises that Ken has already done. I can see though that maybe it will allow me to focus on 1 note at a time.

    thank you for your comment!
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    you sounded a lot like tom delonge early stuff
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    i would recommend that you sing with a mic plugged to the computer or to some spearkers whatever, then plug your earphones to it and hear what you sing in real time.

    this way you'll notice you are off pitch in some parts and work from there to correct it.

    at least it was a big help for me.
  • Ha ha, I grew up playing the same shows with Tom way back in high school.
  • esequibo said:

    i would recommend that you sing with a mic plugged to the computer or to some spearkers whatever, then plug your earphones to it and hear what you sing in real time.

    this way you'll notice you are off pitch in some parts and work from there to correct it.

    at least it was a big help for me.

    That is what I do most of the time. This tome I didn’t because I wanted to show my raw, honest voice in compressed and in EQ’d.

    I do seem to hear better with the headphones and mic. I’m still pitchy though.

    I think what I’m needing to focus on is ear training as well that way I can actually know when I hear a bad note.
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    @RedFighterPilot Hi!

    I actually have pitch issues I am working through myself as well. I kind of relate to some of what you're saying. I've been around musicians my whole life, so I have some of that influence in a lot of areas, but pitch didn't seem to be where it was for me.

    Some things that're helping me are:

    Getting feedback from my family when I sing who is decent at hearing pitch. If it's really bad, even an average ear can tell something is off, so for me that's helpful. For instance, my little sister months ago when I was just starting once asked: "why aren't you matching what he's singing, you're so much higher than he is" that made me realize how out of tune I really was

    I also started doing about 15 mins a day right now (or as close to that as I can) to just sitting down at my piano keyboard and recording myself while pressing just random keys and then trying to match the pitch. (I'd suggest starting it in a fairly comfortable portion of your range) I listen to them back and evaluate. I also started doing some basic ear training with tonedear.com ( I suggest starting with the intervals- and you can customize them) for about 15 mins as well. So basically, an additional 30 mins of pitch practice with my regular practice of the exercises. I also will use the pitch exercises in the course as well. For me it depends on the day, as I cannot always allot 2 hours or more since I am in college and work, but i just do my best.

    I also record myself when doing the scales and will periodically stop to see how I'm doing.

    It can be a really slow process but I do notice I am begging to improve. Doing the piano scales from time to time I find helpful, because you're pretty naked on pitch and can really tell where you rare.

    All in all, the biggest thing that has helped me is to take a little at a time, and break things down. For instance, when practicing a song, I'll break it down line by line so I can match the pitch as best I can.

    Also, I went to your YT channel and listened to your "Faithfully" cover, and it could be because my ear isn't strengthened yet, but your pitch wasn't horrible at all man. I consider horrible pitch to where a song doesn't even sound like the same song, and to me that didn't fit into the bad or horrible category at all!

    I think with time and consistent practice, you will improve. Pitch is something I think many people, even professionals still work on.

  • Hey!
    Thai you for your kind words regarding my cover song.
    I will definitely check out the tonedear site.
    I do practice matching pitch with the guitar but maybe the piano will be better since it doesn’t go out of tune.

    Thank you again for your feedback,it is helpful and you’ve given me some new things to try.
    You have a fabulous rest of the day!
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