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Need guidance with Lah Vowel...

Can anyone point out every single mistake in this Lah Vowel Scale (ignore the pitch). Tell me everything whether the placement is right or not, the timbre and tone is correct or not and also the larynx position. And please do tell what are the things I am already doing correct. It will help me alot.

Thank you Everyone x

Link 👇🏼


P.S. - PLEASE do tell what are the things I can do to correct those mistakes.

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  • bellckbbellckb 2.0 PRO Posts: 21
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    It does sound like you have good projection with voice. the ping needs to be a bit more prominent. Try taking breaths in with your nose rather than your mouth to keep the vocal folds from over drying. Tone is okay, Pitch is good, but need more consistency. to help with this keep that support consistent and maintain the open throat. sometimes you are completely there and the next you just go through the motions. Consistency, the same, all the time every time.

    Cannot speak to your larynx position as I cannot see it. There is no video.

    keep up the good work!

    Keep rockin!



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