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Just Some Questions Regarding the Course

dThomasdThomas Member Posts: 29
I just have some questions regarding the Ken's course that I hope can be answered.

1) I know that the course gives students access to the Student's Forum. In this Student's Forums, can we post recordings of ourselves to make sure we are doing the exercises correctly and get direct feedback?

2) Does the Student's Forums act as the connection between video lessons and real-life feedback?

3) I've heard that Ken's course will walk us through expanding chest voice strongly and safely. I assume we will extend the chest range and all other ranges in stages. Will the course tell the student when to continue expanding a register, when to stop and build strength, and how to know when to continue on up?

4) This might be an obvious question I already know the answer too: Will the course teach how to reduce various types of strain in the neck muscles and voice? I have a very poor relationship with my vocal strain and I'm losing so I just want to be certain.

5) Can anyone tell me how the course went or is going? Is it easy to follow and effective (of course results come with weeks of effort not a day). A lot of Ken's videos on course reviews are by people who have actually done one-on-one with Ken when many of us don't have the luxury to do so.


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    Can't answer this all yet but here is something I posted a while ago. I had not yet had a lesson with Ken and it was through the forum and course I made my improvements.

  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,039
    1 - Absolutely! The main purpose of the student area is for feed back and course discussion.

    2 - I think this is essentially asking the same thing as question 1?

    3 - There is no hard and fast rule in the course for this kind of thing because everyone is different. I you are looking for something expand your chest to A4 before stopping and stay there to build strength, then you won't find that here. You have to spend time getting to know YOUR voice. However, the idea of feedback on your scales is to help guide you on your personal journey. Most of the feedback you will receive will be from other students such as my self. Im not an amazing singer, im not perfect with my scales, Ive been singing for only a couple of years, but I understand alot of the course content and have developed enough of an ear to help guide beginners and intermediate singers. There are much more advanced singers on the forum, but they are much busier so feed back from them could take longer.

    4 - The course gives you everything you need to achieve it, again though its up to you to get to know your voice and body and be honest and diligent with what you are doing. Theres no magic pill or technique that will suddenly make everything easy for you.

    5 - It can be overwhelming at first because of how much information is packed in there, if you buy it, make sure you use the forum along with it. Any question you have is more than likely already answered in the student area.
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