Hello everyone. Just joined ktva!!!

JordansJordans 2.0 PRO Posts: 1
After trying to find a good vocal coach/ Program for a while and being stuck in my chest voice for years I thought I’d give ktva a try. I’ve know of him for a couple years on YouTube but always thought 1 on 1 was the best way.I was wrong btw. I couldn’t sing higher then a f#4 I believe it was. I’m a baritone. Well I spent all day on the program and something just clicked about head voice and mixed voice. Sry I kind of rushed the beginning of the class. I’ll go back. Anyways I found it so helpful the way ken explains everything and demonstrates. Well I was singing still of the night by whitesnake and I was able to sing the slide I believe it was an E6. I was mind blown! Anyways. I’m Jordan from Massachusetts. 36 years old.


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