A song I wrote and produced titled 'Black'. I decided to create a lyric video for this instead of alive video, it just seemed fitting.
How did I do?


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    Dude, that was bloody awesome mate!! I loved it. The melody was great, you emoted well in the song, plenty of those big resonant notes you do so well. The song structure was cool and interesting. You built the tension with that clean guitar intro into the first verse before walloping us with that huge chorus. The lyric is interesting and a compelling story in the same vein as Stained. Oh and I loved the video as well!!

    Like there is room for improvement on some of the lower notes, and some minor pitch issues here and there, but this has got to be the best song I have heard you do yet.

    Really great work mate, you have to be proud of this!! :+1::+1::+1:

    PS: I played this to the missus and she thought it was awesome as well, (believe me she would tell me if she thought otherwise..lololollll)


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    Cool, I liked it. Do you play in a band? It would be cool to see it in concert.
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    Good song, brilliant lyrics! A little bit pitchy, but may be it's just me. I am not only a singer but also a violinist, and therefor is very sensitive to pitchiness
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    Wow man! thanks so much Scotty, it means a lot. Really motivates me to hear something like that. Tell the missus I say thank you!
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    Thank a lot! I do everything myself... I do have friends very talented that could accompany me in a show and I would love to do that if I ever get the opportunity.
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  • JwalJwal Member Posts: 122

    Thank you! No, you are most definitely correct there are some pitchy parts in hear and I'm glad you pointed that out, as a guitar player it stands out to me too lol! I literally play my takes back with a tuner on the track and obsess over perfect pitch, though I'm not quite there yet.
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    Well done! Great lyrics, love the contrast between the verse and chorus. I thought the vocal tone was cool and nice job on the video.
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