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Please critique my singing

Link to my fb live performance: https://www.facebook.com/104041185317745/posts/104046508650546/

Please take a listen to my performance, I do 5 songs (2 covers and 3 originals) some are higher in pitch than others and some are easier to sing than others. Please let me know what you think and what I could improve on, Thank you so much. Also @Ken Tamplin if your in the forum I would love to hear your feedback on my singing as well!


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,287
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    i guess you will have to start and see what happens. ideally on the side, to have a safety net. on the side of maybe another job that's not one you hate? you're not gonna make money from day one, and 5 months isn't actually that long. i would do the shows sporadically and see how people react. maybe the trick is also to find the niche and marketing strategies to connect with the right audience.

    i like your stuff. i would say it is solid and a good foundation, but since you are a one-man-show you could have a bit more dynamics/different colors in the playing and singing. and the way the course will change your voice will make a big difference in terms of different colors. especially a bit of grit would suit that style. it will come with time if you follow the course.

    i suggest you find some sort of freelance or part time thing and do as much music and as little work as possible without going full risk at first. it is a lot of work, especially if you have to write your own stuff, sing, do the social media stuff, organize events, do your vocal workouts, etc.

    i am doing the same thing, not with social media but with a band, it is so much work, and whenever you think you realize how much work it is, then there is more work, and something you didn't know needed doing. and this is before making even one cent.

    but it's cool, and you can only find out how it is if you do it. but i suggest, ease into it, the fun is over quickly when there is monetary pressure. also, you will need equipment and invest money into stuff (like marketing or releases), so you need to be flexible with spendings as well. hence the side job
  • punkdude3456punkdude3456 2.0 PRO Posts: 5
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    Thank you so much @Klaus, I appreciate the feedback. Yes I know it's a lot of work but I'm willing to work hard if it means doing what I love over what I'm doing now. Thank you for the singing advice, I honestly cringe when I hear my own singing so it nice to hear someone else's opinion. I'm only on month one of the course so hopefully as I keep going I'll get the color and dynamics you were talking about.
  • RLVRLV Member Posts: 166
    Hey man, I think these sound really good, you have a nice voice. There are singers that have been super successful that don't sing amazingly well in the first place, so it's really like Klaus said, finding an audience is the biggest step in doing what you plan on doing, I myself have the same aspirations. You can check out some of my stuff and let me know what you think as well -- https://forum.kentamplinvocalacademy.com/discussion/16143/original-song-turn-away# or https://forum.kentamplinvocalacademy.com/discussion/16149/staind-epiphany-cover# -- but you sound great man, love the lyrics too very good. It's funny because I just left a job that I had been at for 10 years because I grew to hate it also so I completely relate.. just make sure you have a back up plan or a way to get by until you figure out a a way to make money via your music. I also relate on the point of cringing at your own singing voice, as do I sometimes, it usually take s a few people I genuinely trust to tell me that they think it sounds good and point on some critiques before I think it sound okay myself... best of luck to you man
  • punkdude3456punkdude3456 2.0 PRO Posts: 5
    @Jwal thank you so much for the feedback I really appreciate it. Yeah working a job you hate for 10 years can be very rough and leave very little time for music. Here's hoping that we both can make it. Also I checked out both of your songs and left some comments on them
  • DanielyaahDanielyaah Member Posts: 8
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