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Best techniques and warm ups to develop a stronger chest voice that gives a Rock n Roll type sound!

Hey y’all!!! My name is Ari short for Ariel! Now I’ve been singing for like a while and ever since I started my voice has been super light and airy! I’ve been a soprano for a couple years lol! But I didn’t always start as one I was told I was an alto when I first started but somehow my range increased as I got older and I can hit pretty high notes! I’m in chorus at my high school and I’m in the soprano section and as Ken says in some of his videos sopranos are never really taught how to develop a strong chest voice! But I love the powerful vocal fry Rock n Roll sound/tone of the voice similar to his student Kayla Reeves! I’m a huge fan of AC/DC so I would love to be able to have that grit and power in my voice and develop my chest voice and mix voice more! Unfortunately I can’t afford to purchase the singing course as much as I would seriously LOVE TO cuz I heard so many great things about it and how beneficial it is for aspiring singers! So whenever I get the chance I would love to purchase it but as of rn I can’t :'( so is there anyone that can help me with some advice until then!?

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  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,002
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    You can check out @Klaus_T page on the forum, he has a list of Ken's YT videos you can use to get started. Be prepared to spend at least 6 to 12 months just to get your chest voice growing, it takes time and diligent practice.
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,268
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    hi Ari, the exercises on my profile are already a really good start, as @Wigs suggested.

    you have to be very careful with fry/distortion though. open throat technique and support need to be worked on for a long time before it can be achieved safely. so always do the exercises quite light and CLEAN.

    in case it is unclear, "safely" means that you are not ruining your voice in the long run. it takes patience and it took me more than 2 years on the course to get to that point but what are two years compared to a lifetime of having a blown-out voice? so please be careful.

    you can post a scale or two so we can make sure you are safe, and also, regular feedback on your scales is a great way to progress and know what to work on, and it gives you confidence that you aren't flying blindly and taking wrong turns. we are here to help you whether or not you buy the course. in the long run, the course is the quickest way to get the full picture, but for now, the free exercises are a great tool for you too


  • RocknRoll_AriRocknRoll_Ari Member Posts: 50
    edited January 2022
    Do any of u know how to upload a video on the forum to receive some feedback! I have a video of me singing ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ by AC/DC and I wanted to get feedback on it since y’all have seen my question about distortion and having an heavier more resonant rock sound!
  • RocknRoll_AriRocknRoll_Ari Member Posts: 50
    Alright thank u guys so much! Y’all have been a huge help helping me navigate through the forum and what I can personally do to train and improve my voice in the specific style/way I would like to. The video has now been uploaded on another discussion of mine! Feel free to check it out and leave a comment for suggestions and advice! 🥳
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