Comatose (SKILLET COVER) <First time recording in a few months>

Haven't posted on here in a while. I actually haven't done a lot of singing in the past few months because my music was really going anywhere though I put so much time in to honing my craft and I got discouraged. I started doing my rap music again because it is actually doing pretty freaking good on youtube compared to my rock/metal music. But I love singing so I decided to start recording again so I don't lose what I have gained from the past few years in learning how to sing. Anyway this is my first stab at a cover after a few months of not recording, let me know what you guys think, I know it's not perfect: https://www.veed.io/view/93a500ac-f81e-497d-9ffe-15fd5f0f75be?sharingWidget=true


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    TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 357
    Tough song to cover and you do it well. I've only listened twice so far and really enjoyed it. There are aspects I like better than the original, as well. It shows that you've worked hard on your voice.
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    RLVRLV Member Posts: 168

    Thanks bro, means a lot! It really is a difficult song to sing, I had to practice it a lot before I got comfortable with it. There are a few flat notes I wish I could have back but ehhh nobody's perfect I guess lol. Really appreciate your feedback, there's no better feeling than looking back on hard work and seeing the pay off, the guys on this forum were really helpful in the beginning of my journey which I'm forever thankful. I recommend everyone who mentions wanting to be able to sing to Ken's course it really is awesome. I looked for some of your singing but couldn't find any on the forum, maybe you just share that in the paid tier section? Anyways, thanks again!
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    TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 357
    @RLV Went back to re-listen to your "Comatose" and Veed says the link has been archived, just so you know.

    An idea popped into my head that it seems you have the ability to cover a wide range of music genres other than the ones you've demonstrated. I don't know what form it would take but perhaps picking rare favorites outside your normal zone and covering them? I also think you could sing for voiceovers or commercials (where the singers are surprisingly great and the material often quite demanding.)

    I'm in a rapid growth phase so haven't focused on demos, lately. As an old baseline to track growth, there's is a link to three songs from a CD I recorded in 1998, here:

    Yes, the folks on the forum are extremely helpful in what can sometimes be a tough solo journey.
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