Hello everybody, total newbie from Italy

Hi there everybody! Alessandro from Italy here. A few days after discovering Ken and this Community I have taken the plunge and purchased the bundle. I am an amateur guitar player and music's had a big role in my life right from the beginning but a total newbie in singing (and I don't think I have been blessed with any special gift... Unfortunately) so let's see if Ken can help such a desperate case from the ground up I grew up hearing my granpa saying "when you buy a book and learn even one single thing you didn't know then you can say your purchase was worth it"... well I guess this applies to DVDs as well so I can't wait for my downloads to finish and start watching vol.1 With 2 job and 3 kids there is not much time (and money) left for my too many hobbies (music, photography, woodworking, etc.) but I am trying to convince some friends of mine and set up an acoustic rock band; in the meantime I love to play (and hopefully sing) some acoustic arrangements of my fav tunes... my goal is to achieve a sound similar to Chris Cornell's Songbook album, so to speak (I am not talking about Chris voice, of course... that is another universe I will never be able to reach!) and I really hope the KTVA will help me to become a decent singer and go beyond my inner embarassement when it comes to perform in public Whoa too much talks considering it's 2am here... Cheers! Ale


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    Shit man we must have been soul mates in another life, I've been constantly listening to the Cornell Songbook album for a while now haha! You should check out another acoustic set he did in some small swedish club/café. It's in the iTunes store, as well as probably floating around on youtube.
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    Since you have purchased a bundle, you should send an email to [email protected] and request that your forum status be upgraded to PRO.

    Copy and paste into the email a copy of your purchase receipt.  You will be able to access more of the forum and also downloads that are available here.

    Welcome to KTVA!

    You will learn more about singing and improving your voice from KTVA than you could anyplace else on the planet!  Get ready to practice a lot.  I know you have a lot on your plate with work and family, but carve out some real time to work this program.  That is the only way to really grow your voice.  You will get back from this program in proportion to the time and effort you put in.


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    @ragnar cheers bro, I so love that album... I will look out for the other one for sure - thanks! What about Myles Kennedy and Alter Bridge music?

    @highmtn thanks for the warm welcome and suggestion, I have followed your instructions and sent the email request

    on a side note, I noticed my messages are posted with no paragraphs regardless of the "enter" typed... am I doing something wrong? (safari 6.0.4 on osx 10.8.3)

    have a great day one and all
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    whoops... paragraphs are working now. I guess I was using the iPad when the problem occurred then...
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    @ragnar I had a look in the iTunes Store but couldn't find that old Chris Cornell record you were talking about, have you got any link? Not youtube's if possible, I want to buy quality recordings - thanks a lot! BTW, I have listened to the Songbook album from a singer point of view... well I should change "goal" to "dream" in my first post here LOL Cheers everybody, A
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    That is the unplugged set, but yeah you are right I can't find it on iTunes either unfortunately.
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    Welcome to the club @SurfingAlien. I saw Chris Cornell in a small club in Las Vegas a few years back - very intimate and laid back. He was ridiculous and played all of my favorite songs from Soundgarden, Audioslave, and others. I'm sure there are many aspiring singers in the forum that would love to get close to his singing ability. Good luck on your vocal journey.
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    Thanks @ragnar, it's the same youtube stuff I have found... It seems it's never been released officially unfortunately so I will get that one @Eric_Conn cheers mate, just to clarify: I was talking about the overall sound of that record... The singing is definitely out of my reach
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