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Where To Upload My Vocal Progress Audio, Covers, Reccomended Hosting Platforms?

TheFlameTheFlame Member Posts: 5
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As a student starting from scratch learning to sing, and as a new forum member looking into starting Ken's vocal courses in the future, I'm curious what is a good online platform to upload audio/video of me practicing vocals, covering songs, to share here on my singing journey? I'm not savy with all the latest music platforms that people upload their music, aside from YouTube. I'm thinking about how to share my progress and stuff here with fellow students, and not necessarily to the public. For example, if in the future I wanted to share samples of my vocal progress for feedback within the forum, though not to the public, what is a good way to to that? What are some of the choice online platforms or ways others like to host/share their progress musical material?


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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 112
    Soundcloud is good. Audiomack works well for me. I get a lot more plays from Audiomack than Soundcloud.
    That is if you want to do audio only.
    On both these sites you can mark your files as private so people cannot search for them.
    I guess YouTube works great if you want to do video. I put some stuff on Rumble.com also, but they stayed below 10 views, so probably not the most active site for music. However pretty simple to use and if you run backing tracks from a 3rd party you are probably safer on Rumble than YouTube. YT removes a lot of stuff due to publishing rights.
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