Greetings from Manchester England

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Liam and have just signed up to the full KTVA How to Sing course after quite a bit of deliberation about the various similar courses online and the benefits of a face to face vocal coach.  I have to admit I went with Ken because I love his voice and his style is exactly what I am looking for.  Plus around where I live there aren't really any vocal coaches who would teach you to sing rock and metal.

I am hoping to really polish my own vocals and learn some techniques to make singing rock effortless enough to survive gigging etc although at 33 I don't take myself too seriously that I expect more than fun out of it.


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    Welcome to KTVA.  You will find that the more time and focused effort you put into following Ken's instructions, the more your voice will grow and grow. 

    You have made a wise choice, and you will continue to benefit for as long as you work the program and keep polishing in the ways that Ken instructs.


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    LiamLiam Pro Posts: 11
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    Thanks Bob.  Let's hope so!
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