Hello from Malaysia!

Hi guys, I'm a professional musician from the UK, but am based in Kuala Lumpur and I front a band here called Mad Sally. I've been looking for good vocal coaching and methods to help improve my voice and also avoid damaging it too! I am in all likelihood going to purchase very soon and am looking forward to seeing what it does for my voice! :-)


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    You will love this program :)
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,332

    It's the best you can get and will Rock your Voice!




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    Hey there! The first person I've seen in KTVA forums to be from Malaysia as well! Though you're from the UK, still :P. Which part of KL are you at? 

    Welcome aboard and I assure you KTVA will DEFINITELY help you a LOT. ;)

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    Cheers guys for the welcome. I've watched through the videos once and gonna again tonight.
    Interesting seeing the different training principles being applied.
    Kokonuht - I'm based in Ampang - you Malaysian?
  • yewhanyewhan Pro Posts: 9
    Am excited to be working through this.
    Do check my band out - it's http://www.madsally.com
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Yes I'm Malaysian ;). Oh wow, you studied Music? I plan to do the same. Any advice? ;D
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Checked out your band, pretty cool! Haha!
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    Haha! Looks like you two beat me to it...I think I'm the third Malaysian-based singer here. lol!
  • yewhanyewhan Pro Posts: 9
    Nice to meet you @ReneB - where are you based?

    @Kokonuht - it depends on what your goals are. If you want to be a performer, I think the social & networking opportunities for studying are very good - allowing you to meet lots of different musicians easily. But I would say be careful not to get trapped in the 'College' mentality - I have seen it too many times before.
    What do I mean? I think when your audience becomes 100% other musicians you start thinking that being a technically proficient player and being 'musically clever' is important to success. However the things that may impress other musicians, your average joe won't care about. Yes of course excel in your chosen musical skills, but if you want to be an entertainer then that is only one small element of the process.

    Learning your theory is great - I studied classical music from a very young age - but honestly when I felt I wanted to go into pop music, all that rigid training became shackles for me and my creativity - it did take me a while to let go of it - but it's always there in the back of my mind like a vast library of knowledge from which I can pick and choose.

    From a financial point of view you must be careful to consider if it is really worth spending all that money - or whether you could invest that money in yourself in other ways - like you are doing with KTVA, for example.

    What exactly are your goals?
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    Hey @yewhan - I'm based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah...Just introduced myself on this forum today!
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    Ooh, you are like me hehe. Mixed-race British-Chinese. My mother is from Sungai Petani, Kedah... - just look a bit at your TV2 performance. Nice!
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    Totally agree with you. My main point in heading to Berklee is because of its social & networking opportunities. Thanks for the advice as well :) Will keep that in mind!

    My goals are :
    1. To be a successful singer & entertainer
    2. To be known internationally (dream big!)
    3. To show the world that Malaysians can do it too
    4. To understand more about voice.

    Those are pretty much my main goals!

    I have to agree that the average Joe won't care about what technique or whatever you're using, as long as it sounds good and it's appealing to them it's great. Though it's something that I do have to keep in mind as sometimes I may get caught in the 'College' mentality.

    From a financial point of view, I have been wondering as well. I quit my current college course as I was studying Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths which wasn't something I wanted to do. Hence I've been thinking about the money I saved by not completing the course. I'm still kinda wondering if is Berklee's Social & Networking opportunities really worth all that money?

    Also, @ReneB is there a schedule of your performances? I'm about to head out for dinner so I'll check out your website later!
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    Hey man, just curious - what is the difference between Pro and Enrolled?
    I've bought the course so should I be Enrolled?
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    edited July 2013


    "Pro" has more access than "Enrolled".

    Only Pro forum members can access the Pro section.  The Pro section is often where new material is released for download that is intended for advanced KTVA students.  Pro status is available to any KTVA Enrolled Student who has purchased all three KTVA Volumes One, Two, and Three.  With theinclusion of the ProPack, Pro Status just about doubles the amount of KTVA content available over the three Volumes alone.


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    Ah okay thanks Bob. Just making sure :-)
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    @yewhan Thanks bro...I was so nervous when I did that performance...heart beat so fast that I couldn't control the tuning of a couple of my notes...but a great experience...that was the biggest audience I ever had. Cool...my grandparents migrated to Sabah from Shanghai in 1951. Hope to meet you at one of the Eurasian meetups in KL!

    @Kokonuht Hey bro, mostly my performances are in East Malaysia. But one of these days, will fly over to Semenanjung for another performance. The most important thing for most Malaysian singers to learn (from my experience) is diction. That's what I usually have to teach again and again to most of my students. Malay speaking students have difficulty with legato and smooth onsets and Rs, while Chinese speaking students are too aggressive with their consonants and may have too much twang in their voice. Both struggle with TH and vowels.
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